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The paper discusses some of the emergings, and fastest growing companies in U.S. In depth it discusses, three major enterprises that fall under product or service industry.

Whole Food Company

The Company started back in 1980 as a small store in Austin, Texas in U.S. Currently; the corporation is as one of the largest companies in the world dealing with organic and natural foods. It has over 470 stores located in the United Kingdom and North America (Whole Foods Market, 2017). The firm sells the finest natural, and organic foods produce, maintain the strict quality standard, and have a strong commitment to ensuring sustainable agriculture. The corporation is a product based company dealing with foodstuff, and it has brought much of the competition that is required in the todays world. It is owned by Amazon one of the global most powerful online retailer company. The grocery business started to offer food delivery services that were fresh and grown using organic inputs.

Four main features define the products that the company deals with to capture its market. First, the firm adheres to the quality standards, and they believe that food that is not of quality standards can be found elsewhere. It ensures it continues to supply natural food product and sustainable food as its demand continues to grow each year. They conduct a comprehensive research about food additives, antibiotics in meat production, organic skin care, and sustainable seafood. In case, the product does not meet the required standards; the firm does not sell it. Second, the company ensures the food safety of its products by ensuring it is safely stored and sold to the customers while still fresh. Also, it gives it customers some tips about storing and preparing it to avoid food poisoning. Third, the company sells products that have been certified and received the USDA organic labels. For the product to be approved by USDA, it must have been grown using means that conserve biodiversity, protect natural resources, and have used only the approved substances. Lastly, the company ensures that it clients know whether a product is organic or GMO by providing information that distinguishes GMO products from others. More than 70% of the food products in the U.S are GMOs, but at Whole Food Company, customers are provided with every detail that will ensure they do not make a decision that can affect them adversely (Whole Foods Market, 2017).

Halo Top Creamery Company

The corporation was founded in 2012 under the name Eden Creamery dealing with low-sugar, low-calorie, and high-protein ice cream brand. Justin Woolverton founded it at the age of 36 years. It is a business that deals with products, and it has specialized in ice cream products. In 2015, the company changed its name and rehabbed all its packaging. The CEO took advantage of the new eye-catching look, and the company grew by about 21,000% in three years. Its growth reflects the increasing desire of shoppers to buy unique and healthy products from small brands. The company is leading the industry of frozen desert as the customers are paying attention to whether they are consuming healthy products. Currently, the firm operates in Australia and the United States and its headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California.

The firm has to ensure its products have a small quantity of sugar by using other sugar substitutes. It uses organic stevia- a native plant found in Paraguay that has been used to sweeten beverages and food for about 200 years. Since it is so tasty; the corporation uses it as a sugar substitute. Also, the company uses Erythritol, which is a natural sweetener found in various fruits such as grapes and pears. Erythritol is not like other sugars because it does not cause bloating or affect blood glucose. The company deals with different flavors such as chocolate, vanilla bean, lemon cake, and strawberry (The Scoop on Our Pints, 2017). The company creates cheap ice cream with a sweet taste that everyone in the world would like to eat or taste. Due to its tremendous growth, the employees are enjoying what they are doing, and the owner has no plan of selling it.

Auto Bell Car Wash company

The company was started in 1969, by Charlie Howard on South Boulevard in Charlotte and it dealt with car wash services ("The Autobell Story," 2017). The major vision that kept the corporation alive was its ambition to offer high-quality car wash services that focus on customer satisfaction. As a founder of this service company, Howard believed that as long as the services were rendered at a good value, the clients would keep on coming back. This is a family business that was passed to the grandson- Carl and the four generation of Carls daughters Kelly and Leigh. The firm keeps its focus on folks and the vehicles they love. This has been made possible by hiring motivated workers and ensuring they have tools they require to exceed the expectations of hardworking and busy individuals. Every person the company employs gets instruction and training in both professional and technical subjects.

The corporation is committed to environmental conservation and protection as it has a belief they call community conscience. They treat 100% of its water and recycle almost 100% of it used water by use of technologically advanced equipment. The company offers various car wash services from as low as $ 4 ("The Autobell Story," 2017). Some of the services rendered include interior, exterior, and add-on services to ensure every car is in top shape. The dedicated staff at the firm carry out their various services such as vacuuming the interior, hand drying the exterior and professionally applying protective coats. This ensures the vehicle shines in a way that one would not have thought it is possible. The firm has various offers to their customers such as free offer coupon, monthly discount, and birthday rewards as a way of retaining their customers.


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