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In my own opinion, there are aspects of the two standpoints that truly compose the meaning of human nature. First and foremost, Plato is very correct to say that the human mind can think or know something which is then mentally dealt with by the use of ideal concepts. It is this aspect of mentality that human beings are distinct beings. A person regardless of age, gender, race, and all sorts of identification methods, can reason far much beyond anything else in this world. By expounding on the idea of Plato, herein, the body is the soul's habitat. However, the soul and the "reasoning" must coordinate with the body. Even though personal we reason, the personal take on what we are is not a proper criterion for the determination of human nature. It is the aspect of the soul, the mind, and the body in a perfect trio that defines the human nature. It is the trio that brings about the point of self-perception. One may purport that individuals are supposed to co-exist and trust each other. Such is but an opinion of good will and the need for cohesion, and which is likely to shape the manner in which one person relates with others. Such is an example of a self-perceived proclaim on the nature of human beings. On the contrary, human nature, as I said earlier, is more than self-perception. It should be defined as the general outlay of human form in which all issues of individual perception, egocentrism, altruism, and all others are attributes of the same form. From such a standpoint, it is evident and feasible to state that one's own beliefs regarding human nature are not the true identity of what the nature of man is. What the universe perceives the man to be with regards to other things that we co-habit with should be the true definition of human nature; something which the philosophers tried to outsource quite well.

In summary, people perceive what they are to be the nature of human beings. However, by understanding the true nature of people, it is possible that the personal view regarding one's self is likely to be influenced. Sigmund, for instance, claims that humans are not as friendly and gentle as love wishers, but powerful entities in which are a measure of aggressiveness and desire. With regards to such a perspective, Manuel claims that their neighbors are regarded as mere helpers or sexual objects; as much as they play the role of gratifying the aggressive nature within the person himself. On the contrary, human nature is not subjected to personal behavior but a study of common human behavior. It is the ability to think or know something which is then mentally dealt with by the use of ideal concepts that defines human nature and potential. Thinking and reasoning make speople distinct.



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