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Audit and Supervisory Board

Toyota Motors is a multinational cooperation that deals with the production of automobiles. It is located in Toyota city in Japan. It was founded by Kichiro Toyoda the son of Toyoda Sakichi in 1937. His father owned the Toyota industries he wanted to venture into creating the automobiles. He had to step out from his fathers company and run his own. The first car to be manufactured was the Toyota AA. However, such an upcoming business was significantly affected by the world war. To try and survive the hard economic times it did create other companies such as the Toyoda Machine Works and Toyoda Auto Body (Lu & Kyokai., 1989). They were related to the first company in that they did sell products that were in line with the automobile business. The market for complete was not available, but people needed spare parts to repair the damaged cars. After the world war, the economy was growing, and Kichiro Toyoda wanted to produce to produce cars that were competitive not only in Japan but also in America. He did study hos the companys in the US were building their vehicles. He tried to implement what he had learned and produced Toyota sedan which was aimed at creating a niche for the company in the Us but instead performed dismally. It horsepower was low and was expensive as the company was affected by the margins of production. It, however, did make the Toyopet that was designed for the American driver which helped the company have a market base in the US. It has been gradually growing, and its vehicle sells in so many countries.

It requires a team of dedicated board members to run this multimillion company. Auditing of the company is essential to make sure it is always I line with its objectives which are creating a good relationship with all its business partners. Aiming always to develop products that meet the needs of their customers. They should remain both relevant and competitive in the market hence to always to innovative. The shareholders also need to feel part of the team and receive information on the general running of the business. It, therefore, has a dedicated team of Audit and Supervisory Board Members.

Yoshihiro Shinji is one of the Audit and Supervisory Board working on a fulltime basis he joined this company since 1978 and his progress into the higher ranks of the company has been gradual. In 2001 he served as a manager in the department of automotive parts (Lu & Kyokai., 1989). In 2004 he was promoted to a senior general manager, and in 2014 he was appointed as Audit and Supervisory Board member a position he serves to date.

Yasushi Shiozaki is a 60-year-old man serving on a full-time basis in the Audit and Supervisory Board. He served CFAO SA as a vice president of Alliance office for corporate before joining Toyota motors. He joined Toyota Motors in 2002 and served as a project general manager in the department of Corporate Planning until 2006. He was assigned the duty of being a general manager in the office of Affiliate Planning and Administration. He was later promoted to his current position. He has expertise in accounting, financing and is involved in decision making.

Tetsuro Toyoda is a 72-year-old man who is an external auditor. In 2001 he served as the chairman of the board of Toyota Industry Corporation in Sweden. Later in 2002, he became the vice president of Toyota Industry Corporation, and in 2005 he became the president of this organization. He was then promoted to become a member of the Audit and Supervisory Board.

Kazunori Tajima is a 71-Year-old man who has built his career in auditing. He joined the Itoh audit firm in 1971; he became one of its partners in 1988 before heading it in 2000. In 2009 he founded Kazunori Tajima certified public accounting office. Since 2010 he was able to provide his services to Toyota Tusho corporation, Mie University and Daikoku Denki Co. Ltd (Liker & Hoseus, Toyota culture: the heart and soul of the Toyota way, 2008).

These members have provided auditing services to this corporation fostering its continuous progress and ironing out the mistakes. It has made it possible to put everyone in check. It is also able to identify programs that are working for the company and those that should be amended.



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