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A Bahai teaching examines reality emphasizing that man ought to seek reality, abandon mimicking as well as adherence to merger forms of hereditary. The teaching also stresses on the unity of mankind, where by it states that all are Gods servants and members of a single human family. It teaches that all are Gods creations and children. God nourishes rears and provides for all. God is kind to every human being. Bahai also teaches that religion should always be the source of fellowship, unity and imminence of God to man.

2. Shinto

Explain the relationship between Shinto and Buddhism in Japan

Buddhism was just but introduced in Japan, whereas Shinto is a dominant religion since the time of primitively where individuals worshiped nature. The very first people of Japan worshiped and honored sacred spirits which were found in nature, manifesting in rocks, mountains, trees, and even rivers.

3. The western Religious Context

Explain one major difference between the religions of these three cultures

-Religions of Egypt and Mesopotamia

Greek Gods and Religious Practices

Major Differences Between Religions Of Egypt And Mesopotamia

The difference between Egypt and Mesopotamia religions was outlined as follows:


While the Mesopotamia religion regarded humans as servants of gods that were to be placated for protection, Egyptians had believed that all humans were created by gods only that they were also controlled by order or say the principle of maat. Egyptians and not Mesopotamia followers possessed a staunch belief in life after death which was shown by their building of tombs like pyramids.

Name of God:

To Mesopotamia, the principal god was Enlil; the sky god was later replaced by Marduk, the Babylonian god. On the other hand, Egyptians believed in a robust deity called Amen-Ra, who was the pantheon chief.

Major Differences Between Greek Gods And Religious Practices

Greek Gods are known to have possessed a peculiar personality and domain, and their origin, as well as their relationship with humans, was explained by myths. On the other hand, religious practices were mostly conservative always being based on time-honored observances a lot of which was found in Bronze Age 3000-1050 BC.

Greed Gods were named depending on what they represented like the sky god was called Zeus and so on. On the religious practices, the ritual act was the animal sacrifice, mainly of sheep, oxen, and goats.

Mount Olympos, the highest mountain in Greece was believed to have been the home of gods, whereas religious practices, mostly animal sacrifices occurred in sanctuaries, typically in front of the temple at an altar where participants gathered and consumed meat and entrails of the victim

4. Zoroastrianism

What struck you most about the modern context of Iran?

5. Choose one of the sects of Judaism and briefly explain a major difference between them

The major difference between the sects emanates from the prayer services as well as daily customs, and how Torah authority is observed.

6. What are the three types of worship/devotion? Briefly define and give an example of each 7. Choose any aspect of the Pagels reading and discuss why its interesting/surprising to you

8. Explain the Christianity perspective on sin

Sin is that which goes against Gods will by disobeying his commandments.

9. Outline one major difference between the Sunni and Shia

The successorship (Caliphate (leadership) believe by Shis is the right of the Imams of Ahlul-Bayt.

10. Explain the Muslim perspective on suffering

Muslim believes that suffering afflicts one due to his sins, for Allaah presents suffering to clear the sins which are made by a Muslim.

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