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They are assertive, confident, focused, and know what they want. They are not shy to express their desires, a feature that portrays their dynamic characteristics, which on many occasions work to their advantage. The present day generation of young adults commonly referred to as the "millennias, may stand out as the most misunderstood group of persons. With the high-paced lifestyle occasioned with their activities and standard of living, these groups of young generation exhibit the highest level of restlessness, a trait that defines their steady move and change of jobs. However, it is no doubt that the current generation of young adults character traits is gradually setting a new pace in the corporate world, redefining career ambition, in addition to changing the concepts of self-identity.

They are unapologetic, egocentric, and goal oriented, traits that continue to define their lifestyle, despite going against societal expectations. These characteristics form the most important aspect of their upbringing. While they remain the most conscious on socioeconomic and political affairs, their greatest and best mindset is the global attitude towards the world. In their pursuit for better and improved corporate responsibility, the millennias" go against the established grains to set up and redefine their personality. According to the Editor (1), it is no doubt that they set the parameters of their self-esteem; work on their liberal attitudes to accommodate diverse ideologies towards a progressive development of their lifestyle and goals. Self-confidence stands out as the most important character trait that has worked to their advantage, a situation that often cast them as discourteous and self-centered (Hershatter et al., 215).

Risk taking is one of their most important attributes coupled with an open-minded attitude towards socioeconomic aspects of life and their pursuit of a better lifestyle. While they remain the most diverse, tolerant group, the millennial is practical, and result oriented attitude towards entrepreneurial endeavors help them stand out conspicuously in the society. They are not ashamed of their weird and larger than life, ideas, work tirelessly towards their goals despite all odds, and care less about the societys perception of their lifestyle and identity.

The aggression and risk-taking attitude in the young generation portrays them as the most impatient group of individuals. However, their impatience and "want it now" attitude has helped them transcend and go beyond the norms set by the society on career movement, studies, and accumulation of wealth. Prior and before the internet age, few 40 years old were in the positions of manager, CEO, and high flying corporate titles (Brownstein 34). However, the millennia's have set their standards and gone against everyone's expectations to make grand accomplishments in the business world and also in the socioeconomic and political fields previously dominated by the aged. They expect instant gratification, instantaneous services, and immediate answers. It is, therefore, no doubt that they have less time to wait for wealth accumulation the traditional way. It has stood out as an important character trait, helping them make an immediate decision on the direction of their life. Additionally, their adventurous attitude and spirit have enabled them to make an entry into diverse fields previously reserved for much older and talented individuals. Through their friendly and fun filled attitude, the millennia have opened up avenues for growth, different experiences, and accomplishment of many tasks at a given time. It is no doubt that they have set a new trend socially, economically, and politically, thanks to their combination of unique character traits.

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