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It is the will of citizens in any given country to see that the elected government has provided quality services. Therefore, it is necessary for the government to follow the constitutional law in the accomplishment of its mandate. There exist some problematic issues on the performance of any government on its deliverance of service since none among the performing governments can be fully efficient. Therefore, it is a noble idea to raise suggestion on how the government and its political arena can be enhanced to fulfill or improve the standard deliverance of the services. For instance, the American government can be strengthened in the following sectors such as Immigration, adjust to a two-year budget cycle, improve electoral processes, enlighten on the political expenditure, improve the government performance management.

In the issue of immigration requirements, the government needs to develop and moderate its policies for the good of global citizens. Typically, a citizen shifts from a state to another legally or illegally for various reasons. For instance, the economic reasons, fade away from insecurity, among others. However, besides curbing illegal immigration, there is also need to improve legal migration by the United States of America. The case of securing borders to prevent illegal immigration does not seem fruitful enough. One of the improvement can be setting permanent charges on a green card. That would reduce bureaucracy related to the immigration and would enhance a peaceful immigration and growth in the economy. Second enhancement on migration law is to create new green cards depending on merits. That would involve the highly skilled and relatively low qualified staff instead of reliance on one side (Nowrasteh, para9). The results would escalate the number of applicants every year and would result in the growth of the economy.

It would be better to adapt a shift from an annual budget to a biennial cycle though this might demand some amendments in the constitution. The idea would expand the extent of the finance expenditure over a relatively extended period. Furthermore, it would ensure there is no conflict over the annual budget, thereby reducing the crisis as evidenced in the past. The long-term expenditure by the government buys time for projects to mature, settle debts, hence allowing a room for the new set government project, as compared to a year budget.

Also, one would recommend improving the electoral processes. For instance, only about twenty percent of the voters are eligible to participate in the congressional parties. It would be fair if there can be an increase in the participation by the citizens. Furthermore, there is also need to have a short process and a particular date event rather than have a disintegrated voting process along the year. That would eliminate confusion among voters, and the board that meets to decide on a given candidate and specific strategies. There is also need to observe integrity and the right to access the elections (Snowe & Glickman, para 5). The United State of America needs to follow and identify unregistered and eligible voters and engage them in the participation of voting. There would be justice if the accuracy of the ballot processes can be improved.

Another important issue is the need to disclose the spending of finances by the political aspirant. The Congress requires passing a law that allows a disclosure of how the Congress leaders are spending money. That is, there can be corruption where the officials can spend money on their individual matters rather than involving it in political activity (Snowe & Glickman, para 7). The disclosure would assure citizens of the government expenditure in the right way without the engagement of a negative exploitation of the public money.

The federal government should also improve the performance of the management systems. There has been a current emphasis on the need of creation of a culture of performance improvement." There has been a close surveillance regarding the fulfillment of the federal government by some bodies such as IBM Center since passing of the "Government Performance and Result Act" In 1993 (Kamensky, para 1). However, there is a need for the remedy of some loopholes in the system. One is to link the system to the motivation of the public services. For instance, leaders may plan on clear goals to motivate the employees and use these goals to create a strong bond between the system and staff. It would also connect the employees to the access of the program incentives and beneficiaries. The federal government needs to select skilled and competent leaders based on their experience and performance. That is, the success of the agency depends on the commitment of a leader toward their performance. That would ensure high-quality output of the government services toward the citizens.

Finally, there is a need for the federal government to observe the welfare of the citizens regarding comfort, safety, and recreation. Automation of systems can be used to address the stated issues. For example, the creation of software that allows sign up for waste collection, automated lighting systems based on the presence of vehicle and pedestrians to save energy among others. Other can include the social network that can enable access to the job opportunities posted by various government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

In conclusion, the federal government requires prioritizing on the welfares that involve service to the citizens, since it is one of the critical mandates of the government. It also needs to observe and moderate the freedom of mingling by the immigrants for the economic benefit and enable many citizens to utilize their respective opportunities. The government also need to follow keenly on the freedom to vote citizens and anything related to its processes without bias.


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