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Members of this gang are always armed with sophisticated weapons and can quickly kill or injure people if they feel they have been disrespected. They pose a significant threat to the emergency department when one of their members is wounded and taken to the hospital. They monitor each other keenly, and when an accident takes place, they will flock the hospital and are ready to kill and injure anyone opposing the release of the patient. They have such a complicated and detailed intelligence network to protect interests and activities which may involve the compromising of some personnel in the police force and the criminal investigation department CITATION Ste00 \l 1033 (Mallory, 2000).

Where is the headquarters of the Triad located? How is the Triad structured?

Its headquarters is in Hong Kong. At the highest lank there is dragon head leader who is in charge of making important decisions to retaliate on an attack. This is meant to instill fear and foster respect to the gang. He is deputized by three, the ceremony officer, the deputy, and the operating officer. They are in charge of conducting rituals on the recruits and officiate and plan parties to celebrate the success of the gang. At the third rank are the enforcer, administrator, and the lesion officer. They make sure that the group has sophisticated weapons in large number and are also in charge in creating an intricate intelligence network to cover up their activities and for their defense. At the final lank are the ordinary and untitled members. They are those who take part in raids.

Explain how the gangster disciples were formed? What is the current status of the gangster disciples?

It was formed out of the merger of two gangs that is the Black Disciples and the High Life Supreme Gangster CITATION Ada04 \l 1033 (Edwards, 2004). Upon the agreement of their two leaders David Barksdale and Larry Hoover respectively, however, they were later involved in disagreements that led to their split up.

Explain the importance of family in Chinese organized crime.

In a Chinese organized crime, the families of the culprits ought to protect them. They are bound to a particular gang by extension from the oaths and rituals involved in the recruitment of the gang members. Their lack of allegiance to the culprit will result in the death of a family member to intimidate the society and create fear.

What is the Mexican Mafia? What are some of the criminal activities of the Mexican Mafia?

It is a gang in the United States of America that was formed by inmates CITATION Ste00 \l 1033 (Mallory, 2000). It is involved in the murder of other inmates more so if they disrespect a member of the gang or one who is an informant of the activities of the group. They take part in the theft, and as part of an induction test, you must kill.

Chapters 12, 13, 14 and 15

What is a conspiracy? What are the three forms it can take?

It is a voluntary agreement between two or more parties where none is coaxed to take part in an activity that involves breaking the law and a strategized cover-up of the action CITATION Ste00 \l 1033 (Mallory, 2000). The forms include finding out the connection between steps that took place with the same motive, trying to conduct more research on criminal activities you may use forensic science and deploy more detective to critically analyze the situations and be more thorough as most of this illegal actions don't happen by chance.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the grand jury to investigate organized crime?


A grand jury secret proceeding and the fact that one is not notified in advance of the hearing will enhance thorough investigations, avoiding cover up and making it possible to acquire vital information in the case. It will also ensure a witness is accorded immunity for a testimony that is self-incriminating. The fact that the suspect or his attorney has no right to hear evidence and testimonies against them will make the witness more compelled to give the vital information as they remain anonymous.


When the wrong witness is accorded immunity, the case may crumble. If the jury can prove that the prosecutor does not have the required evidence in a case he is charged for trying a fact he didn't think he can win. The suspect cannot choose to answer some questions and abstain from answering others.

Why is the witness protection program both necessary and controversial?

It is necessary as the life of the witness is most times at stake and hence most witnesses will opt to withhold information to protect their lives and those of their loved one. Its controversial when a member of a particular gang is allowed to have a double experience, exposing the activities and plans of their group while still taking part in them. Some gang member may be given a new start in life in a different location and a lesser sentence for telling on a gang.

How prevalent is human trafficking in the United States? What is being done to combat human trafficking?

It involves the trafficking of people into the United States and also within the United States. This affects residents and even immigrants; they include men, women, and children. They are used as commercial sex workers to work in brothels and shoot pornographic videos and others are subjected to forced labor CITATION Ada04 \l 1033 (Edwards, 2004). The existence of a state department is to monitor human trafficking. They have put in place measures by asking the citizens to report suspicious cases, enlighten the masses so as they are not victims, creating a partnership with foreign governments and implementation of substantial penalties on the offenders.

What is the purpose of RIO Act? How is it used to combat organized crime?

It is the Inter-America Treaty Reciprocal Assistance. It unifies the nations and an attack on one is an attack on all. These will, therefore, suppress the attacks on either as their unity increases their military strength to retaliate on strike and also having an intricate intelligence network to making it possible to suspect impending danger.


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