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A wise man once said that if God is all you got, then you got all you have. It is like a man to worry about their problems, and in such times, they think that no one has ever gone through what they are experiencing. Trying times are never built to last, and in any case, the Holy Scripture says that God uses such moments to test our faith. Therefore, whenever things are not working out in your life, then you should be prepared because God is testing you. The sad thing is that despite the number and frequency of the tests, some people always end up failing. One group becomes overwhelmed by their problems, and some go into depression. It is such people that are advised not to tell God how big their problems are but rather tell their problems how big their God is. The latter is easier said than done and for that reason, some will outrightly forget that God even exists ("The Lord Is My Shepherd"). Then there is a second group that only remembers God when during their trials and tribulations. On ordinary days, they would never step a foot in the church nor say a word of prayer. When things take an unexpected turn, they remember that God exists and run to him for help. This paper is going to expound on a Biblical poem related to these kinds of people.

The poem states that the Lord is my provider and for that reason, I will never go wanting without being provided for. Regardless of the climatic conditions, a shepherd will always fend for his herd and liken God to a shepherd is an assurance that one is in the right cover. As a good shepherd leads his herd to green pastures, so will the Almighty lead me to the better things in life. For that reason, whenever God is leading, I do not need to know where we are going, all I need is to believe that he is leading me to the right place where I need to be. In addition to that, a good shepherd leads his herd to still water (Spirin, Gennady). Still, waters are representative of calmness and serenity. God will lead you to places where you will experience the two and restore your faith whenever you feel lost. God will not allow the devil to tempt you as He will be with you in every step of the journey to ensure your righteousness is not compromised in any manner. Having the above knowledge should be enough to make one not be afraid of the evil because God is going to provide you with the strength to overcome it.

Moreover, God lifts up His children above their enemies and uses this to glorify Himself. The daily bread will be provided to those who believe in Him and will be anointed with his blessings (Spirin, Gennady). They will never go hungry or thirsty, and God will do this in front of their enemies to show just how powerful He is. After all that, God sees to it that His children lead a fulfilled life that is full of joy and goodness. Gods mercies will always be upon His children to get them through any life situation. Consequentially, God only wants you to dwell in His house and praise Him for what He has done in your life. Be a living testimony to the world about the goodness of God.

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