Essay on Reasons Why Gresham is Experiencing an Increasing Level of Residential Burglary Crimes

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There are a variety of reasons why the rate of residential burglary rate has increased in Gresham despite the state having the highest police/citizen ratio. The first reason is poor coordination of police service by the police commissioners in Gresham. Just like any other institution, the police department requires effective coordination of roles by the appointed police leaders. Some of the reasons that might contribute to the poor performance of the police commissioners in Gresham is their indulgence in corruption. This is because corruption significantly degrades the performance rate of an organization.

Furthermore, other factors that could contribute significantly to the increase in crime in Gresham include high levels of poverty among the states population. Also, crime could increase due to the increase in the rate of alcohol and substance abuse. Past research has portrayed that drugs abuse significantly increases the rate of crime occurrence CITATION Eck95 \l 1033 (Eck & Weisburd, 1995). Other factors that may be causative to the increase in the rate of crime in Oregon include low education levels among its residents, which creates a low level of empowerment among the states population. Consequently, most people may be jobless and subsequently result in crime.

Advice to What Might Work In Lowering the Burglary Rate

Two fundamental strategies can be employed in order to lower the rate of crime occurring in Oregon. Such strategies are primarily focused on the prevention of crime occurrence rather than on the traditional reactive policing response. According to an article published by the National Institute of Justice (2017), the enactment of community crime prevention programs can be effective in reducing the level of crime occurring in Oregon. Such programs are run and managed by the police, and they are primarily focused on changing the community infrastructure, physical environment as well as culture with the aim of reducing crime.

Moreover, such programs are characterized by the undertaking of community policing services, adoption of social-cultural multi-disciplinary efforts, as well as urban physical redesigning. Also, the programs encourage the residents to participate in community faith-based organizations as a strategy to prevent crime indulgence (National Institute of Justice, 2017). The second crime preventive strategy that can be used by the police department in Oregon is the enactment of state forums on crime prevention among the youths. Such forums are focused on training the State youths on the importance of avoiding crime.

Such a program was developed in the City of Detroit, United States and it was found to be immensely effective in reducing the rate of youth homicide cases in the state CITATION Uni12 \l 1033 (United States Attorney's Office, 2012). If implemented the same way, the forums advocating against crime and violence in Oregon can be effective. Lastly, training and preparing convicts re-entering the society of Oregon after serving their sentences should be created. The effectiveness of this strategy was supported by an article published by the United States Attorneys Office, in Michigan (2012). This will help them in adjusting to their new freedom after incarceration and adopt appropriate jobs instead or resulting in crime.


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