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A new manufacturer entering a new market is faced with a lot of products, and this makes its hard to find the right aircraft as well as the right route. The process entails difficult trade-offs between aircraft size, detailed passenger-cargo layout, and maximum flight range. The integrity and credibility of the information used in coming up with such decision are important as it sparks massive investments and affects operators competitive position and bottom position. The aircraft fleet generates most of the profit and revenue of any airline. This means that selecting, evaluating and managing the optimum fleet, making smart purchase and matching capacity to demand is essential to the success of an airline (Avia Solutions, 2017).

The list entails the technology effects that an aircraft will have to its performance as well to the society. The technology effects can be categorized as below:

Mission performance

Weight effects

Flight impact


Field performance

Aircraft payload range capability

Relative fuel consumption

The value of passenger comfort

Match capacity to demand

Maintenance cost and support capability

Mostly, aircraft that wins in some of these factors lose on others. An objective comparative analysis is crucial in order to find the best answer to each particular fleet question that addresses both economic and non-economic factors (Avia Solutions, 2017). One can apply a method such as net present value analysis to understand which solutions give the optimal return on investment. The management has to evaluate the fuel consumption of the engine that is being used by the aircraft in order to come up with the least consuming machine. The engine should also be eco-friendly meaning it has to be emitting minimum air pollutants. The engine should ensure that aircraft produce the minimum amount of noise by considering the landing gear, overall noise, and high lift noise (Frankenberger, 2003).

Technology projects in a new transnational corporation should be organized into a well-defined process. Under this process, the management has to analysis different disciplines such as structure and system and after a thorough evaluation chief technologists have to approve the project. When launching a new air flight one can apply a modern innovation management such as Technology Roadmaps for every technologies or major technology (Frankenberger, 2003). The technology being should also ensure there is enhanced security and safety. This is crucial for the aircrafts that will be taking long-distance to ensure all passengers are safe. Additionally, a new aircraft have increased capacity as well as reduced delays. Most of the customers would like to use the most efficient airplane in the industry, and that is why it is important to consider such factors.

The challenge of managing a new aircraft entails a combination of some projects, variety of technologies, complex funding processes, and complexity of production processes. As a manager, one has to come with a combination that will minimize the expenses of the company while generating the maximum amount of profit or revenue. Additionally, the safety of comfort of the customers is essential for the company to thrive in the long-run. Customers who enjoy the flight will always come back making the company to generate more revenue. It is the responsibility of the management to come up with the most appropriate factors that make the aircraft to operate with ease.


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