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Dewey Cheat Em & Howe Company specializes in the marketing of grapheme shoes to teens. Marketing requires the company to formulate a marketing strategy which will be used to increase sales and ensure that the grapheme shoe company achieves a competitive advantage in the market. Developing a marketing strategy begin with scanning the business environment to understand both the internal and external environment. PESTLE analysis is used to analyze the environment. To ensure that the marketing company penetrates the market and specifically the youth market, the company requires the implementation of media which has a significant impact on the group.

Social media marketing is among the media highly proposed when conducting marketing in a young population. A company cannot afford to ignore social media marketing sites. This is because the platform plays a significant role in determining the information that is accessed by the target market. It is essential for a business to choose the social media platforms that work best for the industry, the business goals and customers want (Ashley et al., 17). An efficient integration of the three will ensure that the company achieves a competitive advantage. The various social media marketing platforms include; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest among others.

Facebook is the most popular social media marketing platform. The medium boosts over 1.59 billion worldwide users (Ashley et al., 17). The platform also is evenly distributed across the demographics. The sheer reach of Facebook makes the platform a must use. Facebook can be used by all businesses despite the industry and business venturing. It is the only social media platform which allows all businesses. Facebook allows the advertising company to include ads which are specific to the demographics. This allows the company to develop ads particular to the teens. Through the use of Wishponds Facebook contest Apps, the marketing company can be used to create sweepstakes, photo contests, Instagram hashtag contests and more. These features allow the company to tailor ads specific to teens in a particular market niche and differentiate it with ads used in different market niches. The medium also decreases the cost incurred by the advertising company to place ads. The medium allows for ads to be placed on various pages based on the request of the marketer at a low cost compared to other forms of marketing.

Though Facebook has experienced some dramatic generational changes recently, the platform remains the most preferred to conduct social media marketing. The medium is best suited for Dewey Cheat Em & Howe Company. I would recommend that the company seeks specialized social media marketing personnel to conduct marketing of the shoes on Facebook.

Work Cited

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