Essay on Economics and Development: Creating a Regime for Limiting and Responding to Climatic Change in Turkey

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By definition, economics is regarded as the science that explores the human behavior as a relationship between needs and scarce resources associated with numerous resources. On the other hand, development is the systematic application of the scientific and technical knowledge in meeting specific needs and other requirements. A combination of the two concepts results in economic development, which is defined as the formulation of policies that aims at improving the economic and social well-being of the people that results in economic growth. An adverse change in the statistical distribution of the weather patterns for long periods of time is scientifically referred to as climatic change. This paper discusses climatic change as one of the key factors that have affected the Turkish economic growth with insights on the necessary principles to address climatic change, explanations with regard delegates perspective on the nature of climatic change, and formulating specific policies and programs to address the issue of climatic change.

According to United Nations framework convention on climate change, Turkey is classified as both Annexes I and Annex II country. According to United Nations classification Annex, I depicts the industrialized countries and Annex II represents OECD members appearing in Annex I. According to conducted research, global warming and climate change did not take place at the same time all over the world. Global warming started in regions that hosts the countries that are considered the most industrialized such as United States in the North American and most of the Europe that include Turkey. This implies Turkey is among the countries located where global warming started. Global warm is the factor that triggers climatic change effects. And with turkey classified as Annex I & II, it means they need to address the issue of climate change with regard to climate management to avoid adverse effects such as increased rainfall and long drought periods due to irregular climatic patterns.

Adverse climatic effects have affected the quality of life in Turkey. Regionalization in Turkey, people settling mostly in coastal areas, has increased the countrys vulnerability to disasters resulting from climatic change where outbreaks of diseases such as malaria and sandfly epidemics increase whenever both temperature and rainfall increase. In addition, such adverse climatic effects the availability of the amount of water for both domestic consumption and agriculture. These effects will directly, on occurrence, translates into food insecurity, which indirectly affects both energy and tourism sector of the country.

The following are two major principles that can effectively address climatic change in Turkey.

The leadership regime has to formulate a method of the national climate change adaptation strategy

The government must conduct a vulnerability analysis to help identify the level of exposure, average climatic conditions, and the capability of the system in adaptation.

In addition to the above-mentioned principles, specific policies and programs are required to address the issue of climatic change in Turkey. Below is a list of specific policies that the government can implement to address the issue of climatic change sustainably.

Taking action as soon as possible in enhancing preparedness through identification of the geographical location likely to be affected the most.

Facilitating creation of an adaptation capacity

Financing various programs that promote uncertainty management

Financing programs concerned with civic education regarding climate risks and managing them

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