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Companies that can comprehend and communicate their fundamental reason for their existence have a firm tool which is a credo. A credo is important for a company as it helps to guide the behavior of the organization. As such, a company credo helps in communicating the goals, objectives, roles, convictions as well as their beliefs that support in implanting the pride of the organization (Luthans et al., 2015).

A company credo is important in guiding the behavior in an organization because it links the history of the organization and its philosophies while enhancing its change. The sole aim of the credo is to generate a reference guide to maintain the organization on top to be reliable by all the stakeholders.

A credo helps in guiding the organizational behavior by reminding the workers the reason why the business exists. As such it encourages and uplifts their moods and spirits. A company credo acts as a force of unity as it outlines the typical values of the organization and allows the workers to comprehend the significance of the experience of the clients and to work together in attaining a uniform and high standard for the company.

When a corporations credo is well communicated it opens an opportunity for all the employees to enjoy what they do in their work and hence stay focused with their work. The result of their cooperation is increased profits for the company. Having a corporate script is significant in guiding an organizational behavior as it transmits the basis of the company to all the stakeholders. Also, a script as it outlines the vision and mission statement of the company it guides the organizations behavior by informing its strategic development. While analyzing the objectives that are used in measuring the achievement of the company, the organization can focus on its goals (Wooten & Hoffman, 2016).

The mission and vision statements of a company that is outlined by a corporations credo enhance in guiding its behavior. As such the vision and mission statements act as a vehicle for propelling communication, values and the purpose of the company. When the stakeholders of the company especially the employees understand the vision and mission statement, the chances of the enterprise to be successful are increased. The reason is that the employees will focus on what is expected from them by the organization and hence minimize the risks of deviating from the companys beliefs and customs.

The success of a good company strategy depends on how well the strategy enhances the firm to achieve its goals. Therefore, a companys script which contains its vision and mission statements helps in guiding the behavior of the clients, suppliers, employees as well as the investors in growing the company (Case & Chavez, 2017).

Moreover, organizations that have a good credo can establish their values and purposes. Such companies concentrate on prioritizing the needs of the customers when creating their credo. The whole idea is that the clients of any business should come first as they are the primary stakeholders. Therefore, clients of the organizations with a well-established credo feel appreciated, and hence the company retains them. Moreover, companies with a good script can expound the brand name of the business.



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