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There is the great concern of dispute around food genetically modified foods. Since the Food and Drug Administration controls the different types of foods generated from plants and animals that are genetically masterminded, there are those people who contend that the aftereffects of genetically modified foods are harmful. So far there have been no trials done on humans, but GMO experiments on animals show that there are several critical health risks associated. Some of these risks include immune issues, infertility, accelerated aging and damaged insulin regulations among others.

Moreover, as such foods are made to overcome herbicides then a lot of harmful components are used on the crops, and therefore traces of herbicides can be found on the food substances. The contentions in the use of GMO food are very high and people the views of individuals concerning GMO food are usually by religion, ethics, and philosophy. Individuals are also confused by the scientific misconceptions about genetically modified foods. These mistakes affect their ability to trust that genetically modified foods are safe to consume. Nevertheless, there are still doubts concerning GMO agriculture and large-scale genetic modification.

Scholars worry about the impact of GMO foods on the environment as well as the sustainability of the food. Some individuals have serious doubts about the effects of such foods on the food chain of organisms throughout the ecosystem. The proponents argue that it is necessary to involve biotechnology on food production since there will be the time that the global and space used in production will not be enough to feed the growing population. There is a group who believe that those foods are unhealthy. In essence, there is no tangible evidence on why GMO foods should be discouraged, but the public is opposed to its production. Such distrust may be due to the general distrust of biotech companies. There is also a potential conflict of interest in many scientific studies

Comparison of Two Articles

The two articles researched on both Junkscience and Greenpeace differ in how they support their stand on GMO food. The article on Junkscience supported the science behind the production of GMO food while Greenpeace article was for preservation and usage of what grows naturally. The article found on Junkscience argues that the population of the world is increasing at a faster rate while the same time the land space is shrinking which therefore means that food to feed the whole population will not be enough. Therefore, GMO food will come in handy to alleviate the situation. However, the article on Greenpeace differs by arguing that the seeds from the GMO will spread and as such, the food chain will be affected greatly posing a serious environmental risk.

Additionally, Junkscience argues that the GMOs food is stronger in production as seen by how they are designed in the laboratory. Therefore, GMOs will need fewer pesticides and thus less poisonous substances released to the environment. However, Greenpeace argues that GMOs are foods that can pose a great danger to human beings since they have been researched to cause cancer as well as serious allergies to people. Junkscience argues that GMOs food can be enhanced taste in the laboratory. However, Greenpeace argues that such seeds will not be available to the farmers unless they buy from those companies. Therefore, the small farmers will be affected greatly by the dominance of such enterprises.

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