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Financial support is another critical issue that needs to be considered for the virtual organizations to remain operational, this is in addition to the formulation of precise roles and duties between partners (Dyckhoff, Lackes, & Reese, 2013). Formulation of precise roles and duties is only possible through making clear channels of communication with the administration and among the partners. The same seeks to ensure that partners benefit from the interdependence between themselves, communication is one important factor in the activities of virtual organizations. Such ensures that all the partners are able to gain from the interdependence on each other. Communication stands out as an important element in operations of a virtual organization thereby requiring virtual organizations to have proper infrastructure for communication (Hazen, Overstreet, Hall, Huscroft, & Hanna, 2015).

In conclusion, it is apparent that establishing partners is the backbone of a virtual organization and its operations, the same also helps in proper and equal distribution and delegation of all tasks and responsibilities. Besides, proper distribution and delegation of tasks and responsibilities also help in boosting specialization of labor and ensure that every partner carry out roles that suit their expertise and capabilities (Shamsuzzoha, Helo, & Sandhu, 2016). In this manner, a virtual organization relating to reverse logistics ascertains that all the ingredients of logistics can be achieved through having a clear path of communication. There is a need for the population to acknowledge the impact of reverse logistics in virtual organizations and how they boost business activities in the modern society. Having a clear thought of the same would help in ensuring that proper components are used in such organizations to realize their success in the modern society so as to realize success in the modern-day organizations. There is also a need to carry out research works to boost understanding and the working of virtual organizations and associated reverse roles so as to improve the impacts of components of the same in the modern society (Gordon, 2016). In this case, there would be realized a better business environment and higher profits in various aspects of the modern society.



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