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Since my childhood, I have always developed an urge to feel important and influence the lives of the people directly. Out of my conversations and research, I managed to make a declaration of the best subject that I should major in and fulfill my life long ambitions and be able to create touch with the daily challenges of the humanity with particular reference to those from unprivileged backgrounds. I have always believed that all human beings regardless of their background have equal opportunities to access medical care and to be treated with a similar degree of worth. At the high school level, I optimized my potential in mathematics and sciences especially Biology so as to be able to increase my chances of acquiring direct entry into medical institutions and pursue a degree in optometry. The drive of my passion in achieving excellence in this particular course emerged out of realization of the fact that, even though it is claimed that disability is not inability, an eye problem can act as a stumbling block disabling an individual from achieving dreams and visions which would have been realized right before their hands, if the situation would have been reversed.

I acknowledge the level of expense involved in treating an eye problem hence the inner desire to meet specific demands of the individuals from the vulnerable background. Throughout my investigation and exploration in declaring my major, I practically visited several hospitals especially in the unit dealing with eye problems. To my realization, the population of the young and older generation that makes use of spectacles has been increasing according to the opticians, and also the numbers of individuals pursuing a similar field is low. This concern not only moved me but acted as a pillar on which to lean on in justifying the reason why I need to this.

Right from the beginning of high school education, I developed interests in operating visual aids, understanding the different degree of lenses required and which are healthy for the human eye hence the appointment to act as a schools biology laboratory assistant. It is not out of external motivation that I have decided to settle on this particular course, but it is something which has developed through practice and inquiries from the experts to a level that has made it become part of me hence an already feeling of experience. Furthermore, despite the common nature of humanity to be satisfied after the achievement of the goals, I have always desired to advance my education after a period of experience in the field. The idea is to be able to not only treat patients but also own a foundation that is specifically focused on addressing the eye problems at a little cost so as to meet my innate belief, "quality eye care for all". It, therefore, implies that my level of persistence and determination in achieving optometry degree awakens another desire to advance and dig deep into the profession so as to meet the ultimate goal of touching lives in a broader perspective. At the same time, I am not limited as I understand that, there are different things which may as well shift personal passion but my interest is fully embedded on eye care as a fundamental basis to which may interest are focused.

At a different capacity, I have assessed the level of my personality, skills, and values which I have realized to be meeting the competence required for one to pursue a medical profession. My understanding of the language, specifically communication and listening skills is excellent. The art of listening and conveying information to the patients with a high degree of ethics is central to the daily operations of the doctors. My conscious itself is groomed to a level that cannot allow me to make mistakes hence explaining the highest degree of accuracy that I'm bound to subject towards practical exercise during my studies. My deepest love for Biology and need to understand more about the eye, its nervous system, the glands and the other main components supporting its operation is enough to boost my class engagement, enhance the experience and ultimately raise my grade. It is with interest that I subject my effort in totality so as to achieve this ultimate dream of my life.

Also, unlike other professions, this is one of the fields that engages individual's time and makes them busy for the longest period of their life. Doctors are known not to retire and at the older age remains to be consultants at the bigger public and private hospitals. It is my wish to stay relevant to the society at the young and older age, and this explains why despite my deeply rooted interest, I am as well focused towards my less productive age.

With no emphasis on the earning potential of the profession and the private returns on investment, I am motivated to meet the needs of the people first before mine. I believe that the school's core values and the personal integrity are enough to model me and direct my learning potential towards attaining the required standards.

Since I am focused and have an in-depth understanding of Biology and the conception related to Optometry, I chose Polk State, as the environment itself breeds learning. Furthermore, there are some hospitals nearby fitted with the necessary facilities hence can provide me with an off- campus internship. Also, as a community service or volunteering job, I can access the services during the weekends and holidays. Some friends who loved Biology and shared a similar passion like mine managed to achieve their dreams and are currently advancing. I am also optimistic that out of the effort that I have placed throughout my entire life will not vanish when it is just an inch from reach. I have always understood that there is no elevator to success and my hard work is evident through previous academic performances and emphasis towards the goal attainment.

In all my undertaking, I have never failed to meet the target despite the many failures. My personality does not embrace failure but instead seeks to inquire and search for more knowledge to increase the competitive advantage and have an input in the place of work. Understanding the concepts of Biology especially that of the human body "the eye" knowing all other necessary chemicals and food substances that promote and inhibits vision is imperative in meeting my final objective in the medical field. It is for a purpose, interest, the touch to humanity and the need for adding value to my life and that of others that I decided to venture in this wealthy and knowledgeable subject.

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