Dissertation Conclusion Sample: Security Challenges in Nigerian Ports

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Dissertation conclusion
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To form the conclusions of a dissertation, the information gathered from the investigatory chapters, as well as from the analysis will be used. The main purpose of this chapter is to answer the aim and objectives of the dissertation


8.2.1: Potential Security challenges in Nigerian ports

Security is a major concern in the Nigerian ports. The lack of safety consciousness in the ports has pervaded the port of Nigeria and has proved an uphill task for the authorities. Day in day out several security issues have been witnessed or reported around the ports. The busy nature of the ports requires a lot of security. There has been the increase in cases of maritime crimes in the recent years, a trend that is indeed worrying. According to Orji, 2012 the security personnel working at the port are missing crucial training on how to handle some security procedures. The study also found out that the government has not done its best in ensuring improved security in and around the ports. Although the security has significantly improved over the years, tough criminals such as Boko Haram still pose a great challenge to the ports. Findings show that activities emerging from the local militia groups have been among the biggest causes of insecurity in the ports. The kidnapping of high-profile individuals around the ports is highly on the rise. Foreign oil workers have also been abducted to create room for extortion. This has led to shaky diplomatic ties between the countries where the abducted individuals come from and the Nigeria.

8.2.2: Security Preventive Measures taken by ports

The security threats have impacted the economy a great deal. The shipping industry is considered a vital international business. It calls for transparency, commitment, accountability and proper security. The shaky instances of security in the ports affected the countrys economy and international shipping activities that rely on the port. There is thus need to fight insecurity to improve international shipping activities.

The need for security has resulted to social stratification around the ports. Those who can afford sophisticated security have secluded themselves from those who cannot. This has led to the emergence of slums and posh estates. High technology such as cyber-attacks has led to easy by-passing of security systems used in the ports. The security personnel at the ports have easily been outsmarted by this. They, however, are trying to improve the security measures in and around the ports. This has been done through: construction of high perimeter walls around the ports, laying electric fences, improving lighting system and installation of CCTV surveillance cameras. This has played a vital role in ensuring security measures.

8.2.3: Roles played by the key stakeholder in ensuring maritime security

Some security measures have been put in place to ensure security. The ports authority is working hand in hand with the security personnel taking care of the ports. Resources have been channelled to improve measures towards ensuring security. Security officers are receiving the necessary training to enable them to tackle security emergencies.

8.2.4: Security measures in place in Nigerian Ports

The security measures in the Nigerian ports require a significant boost. The central government should work in close collaboration with the Nigerian ports authority to ensure sophisticated security measures are put in place. Latest available technology should be put into effect in providing this.


Looking at the dissertation, it appears to have achieved the aim and objectives. The conclusion with this dissertation can fully be justified by the research collected, from both primary and secondary sources. Also, there is less data regarding the implementation of security policies and standard in seaports and hence public participation could have helped in providing such information.


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