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Ever wondered if animals have rights and if so, what are some of the animal rights? Vegan criminology entails focus placed on animal rights and also rights of those who are trying to protect the animals. This also includes attempts made to protect the animal through documentation and prevention of animals being used as a sport, entertainment, and experimentation. Furthermore, with the little knowledge of animal right, many people have knowingly or unknowingly abused animals. What prevents people from acting to stop vegan crime? First, they do not have a personal initiative to take responsibility (Tilly, 2003). Second, animals and species are seen as assets whose purpose is to bring humans wealth and little expected in return (Cummins, Flint & Matthews, 2014). Third, there is limited information concerning animal rights available in different sites and platforms. Finally, many individuals do not treat animals and plant species with the needed concern and respect. People ought to understand animal rights to gain most from these species. Rather than abusing the animals, emphasizes ought to be placed on their liberation from many American dinner tables.

Not only are the animals rights being violated with an increase in the slaughtering of animals, but also the animals produce high amounts of methane which affects the climate (Tilly, 2003).Destruction of species and Mother Nature is collective violence. It takes other than one individual to have a significant impact on nature. Often told, when people destroy nature, nature will destroy them. Therefore, it takes several persons to affect the environment negatively holistically. However, it starts with people taking the initiative to be sensitive to human rights. As noted it makes a collective decision like a preference to meat products to destroy the species. Moreover, research has proved many people prefer to eat animal products as opposed to plant products (Brisman, McClanahan & South, 2014). Therefore, this results in more livestock production and the number of animals slaughtered have significantly increased over the years. During research, animals are used or experimentation first before a product can be used on humans (Parker, 2016)

Second, over the years especially in Africa getting many animals is regarded as assets. The same culture adopted by the ranchers who now prefer to put large herds as they can bring them more cash. Third, how many people are interested in research and find out about the different laws and regulations that protect the animals? (Cummins, Flint & Matthews, 2014). The individuals who enjoy the animal products care less of the torcher the animals have to go through so that they could be available on their dinner tables.

Finally, a good number of Americans own dogs many of which kept as pets by the owners. Well, it is not bad to own animal, but it is against the animal rights to use the same animal for entertainment. Example, horses are often used for entertainment, and it further violates the animal code, when the animal's performance used as gambling agent. Moreover, with the animal owners not fully understanding the animal rights, they then cannot offer them the optimum care and protection needed (Parker, 2016).

Therefore, my position is that it is a high time that many people embrace being vegetarians and understand animal rights. Myths spread that vegetarians do not get to enjoy all the nutritional benefits as they do not take animal products. However, on the contrary, research has proved many vegetarians are noted to be healthy (Arluke, Levin, Carter, & Ascione, 2008). Moreover, they are not susceptible to some chronic diseases that are made worse especially with heavy consumption of animal products example high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases (MEMBERS, et al., 2014 ). Many people often prefer the animal products because they are considered tastier as opposed to the vegetable dishes. Moreover, in America, many of the junk foods available in the stores are cheaper in comparison to the vegetable salads. Thus, justification made not only are the animal products tastier but are also more affordable and readily available. However, as earlier noted, mother nature is very unforgiving if humanity sort to destroy her. However, Mother Nature can be rewarding if humanity can abide by simple rules and regulations and ensure the environment is not destroyed (Parker, 2016). Vegan criminology ought to be understood and observed by every person who comes in contact with the animals. Furthermore, by many people opting to be vegetarians is an excellent way to ensure the animal rights are protected.

In summary, vegan crime can be considered as collective violence as it entails engagement by a significant number of people responding to particular incitements. Evidently many people are not conversant with the animal rights nor are they interested to find out more concerning the animal rights. Reasons given about vegan crime include; limited information on animal laws and regulations, lack of interest by the people, animals seen as a source of wealth and animals often regarded as sources of entertainment. However, with the people prefer to animal products, it will remain a challenge for the people fighting for animal rights.


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