Article Analysis: Advantages and Disadvantages of Globalization

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Globalization is an aspect that cannot be ignored in the 21st century. What with business corporations, social, political and economic sectors in almost all nations going global? Nations and businesses have found the long-awaited international connections and ties through globalization. The article under analysis is entitled Advantages and Disadvantages of Globalization by Oana Calitoiu. It was published in 2011 at the University of Craiova, Romania, at a time when globalization was rapidly taking its position in all spheres of life, including the political, social and economic aspects. In the article, Calitoiu focuses on the various definitions of globalization, its merits, and the demerits. This source is very crucial to my topic as it critically examines the perspective of globalization from both the positive and negative side. Since my topic concerns the advantages and disadvantages of globalization, the article becomes unequivocally relevant.

Calitoiu begins the article with several definitions of globalization in the first section. He explains the great role played by globalization to the international economy and how this role has led to differences in the definition of the word globalization.' However, from all the different variations of the definition, the author makes it vivid that globalization involves opening up borders to encourage international trade and transfer of capital over national borders.

As he goes on, Calitoiu explains economic globalization and its significance. He rhetorically demonstrates how economic globalization improves relations between countries as well as the livelihoods of citizens by availing goods and services of high quality. Calitoiu also illustrates the benefits of transfer of knowledge and skills. This is done so stylistically that the reader cannot fail to notice the authors enthusiasm on issues global.

The third section concentrates on the advantages and disadvantages of globalization. The author discusses the advantages and the disadvantages to the citizens, governments and then the investors. From the article, it is clear that globalization has more benefits to the developed world than to the developing nations. The author makes it clear that in a globalized economy, the rich nations take advantage of the third-world countries. The question he seems to ask, therefore, albeit obscurely, is whether there is a need for globalization in the developing countries.

Nevertheless, despite all the demerits of globalization, the author concludes by explaining that in this complex world economy, no nation can grow its economy without interactions with other nations. He compares both the pros and cons of globalization to conclude that although nations cannot exist without globalization, nations should cautiously regulate it to avoid undue exploitation and unhealthy competition.

Calitoiu's article sufficiently explains the merits and demerits of globalization. The article is well arranged into sections with each section covering a specific subtopic. The concepts are explained, in short, precise sentences which makes it rhetorically effective, easy to read and quick to comprehend. The use of bullets to highlight the major points makes it easy for one to understand its contents. However, the bullets make it seem incoherent to a reader. Additionally, Calitoius use of Wikipedia as a reference reduces the authenticity of his work. With only four references, the work seems incomplete and not informative enough. Nevertheless, despite the limitations of Calitoius work, it effectively clarifies the definition of globalization, its significance, merits and its demerits thus making it relevant and crucial to my topic of study.



Calitoiu, O. (2011). Advantages and disadvantages of globalization. Annals of the University Of Craiova Economic Sciences, 174(39). Retrieved October 10, 2017 from


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