Architecture Essay: The Mosque of Sultan Al-Zahir Baybars

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The mosque of al-Zahir Baybars refers to the earliest surviving royal mosque of the Mamluks and is found in Cairo. Furthermore, it is situated outside and northwest of the Fatimid city and also the northern side of the Cairo.

The exterior of Baybars is known through the Mosque and the al-Hakim that extends to the decorations which are curved.

The mosque is known to have free standing and large walls which are important for supporting the buttresses.

The interior of the mosque has a remarkable feature with the original and beautiful decorations.

The Mausoleum-Madrasa and Hospital of Sultan Al-Mansur Qalawun

It is known to be a complex building especially with regards to the main avenue of medieval Cairo.

It is also known to be one of the most significant monuments of medieval Cairo.

The Hospital

The hospital was recognized through the Persian word and also a place of illness.

The hospital was known to be remarkable during its time as compared with the modern buildings.

The building itself is known to have been beautifully decorated.

The architecture of the Circassian Mamluks

The Madrasa-Kiianqah of Sultan Al-Zahir Barquq

The building is known to stand near the madrasa of Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad at Nablasm.

The foundation is known to be important for teaching the rites passage.

One side of the building is used for praying while the other side is used for teaching.

The Exterior

The exterior of the madrasa was established to have a symmetrical structure which is known to be rare in Mamluk and has four interesting facades.

The exterior part of the building is known to have complex designs that produce a mausoleum and also offers a place of prayer to the dead persons.

As per the Islamic law, the dead are not supposed to be brought into the mosque.

The Mausoleum

The Mausoleum is known to have a plan like a mosque as it has three sides and the same time contains a hall.

The outside of the Mausoleum has an undulating pattern which is similar to the domes of the Sultan Faraj.

The other domes are also known to have a transitional zones with the trilobed shape.

Furthermore, there are also structures that include large apartments as designed in a complex manner.

The Tome of Umm Al-Ashraf

It is found in the form of the complex Sultan Barsbay along the cemetery and the west of the street in Umm.

It is known that the dome is similar to minarets of Sultan and the modern building and has been identified as popular which is named the Khadija Umm al-Ashraf.

Other structures

There are structures which also remains the living quarters.

The upper side of the building are for accommodations and at the window of the main road, there is the living room.

Each of the upper room has a window to the main road.

The foundation of the building was geared towards ensuring high accommodation of the people living in it.

The floor paving is made to resemble the mosque as I provide original and intended structure.

The foundation also is also made to stipulate the earlier foundations and provide a go-ahead to the foundations that were supposed to follow later.

There is a large domed structure which is designated for independent and particular building idea.


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