African American Historical Relationship to the Democratic and Republican Party

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Race played a vital role in the determination of votes between the democratic and republican Party. Fundamentally, the two parties wanted means that are more appealing to acquire votes from the African American people and, moreover, to the entire American republic. The Republican Party did not make a strong appeal to the African American people, unlike the Democratic Party. This was because the Republican Party was not appealing to the cross-sectional alliance, and moreover, it did not attempt to negotiate or solve the ideologies that were surrounding the issue of slavery at that time. Since African Americans wanted the issue of slavery to be an issue of the past, Democratic Party was more appealing to them.

It is important to mention note that the Republican Party dominated the political agenda and was majorly focusing or advocating for the civil rights of the citizens of America, although with time the agenda of the Republican Party came to a stop. These occurred when various amendments were made in the constitution that saw the abolition of slavery, thereby giving equal rights to protection and also giving the blacks the right to vote. On the other hand, the Democratic Party re-emerged as a nationally competitive Party to counter the already existing Republican Party. In reality, there were many shortcomings of the Republican Party that the Democratic Party felt as were against the justice and equity among the African American citizens and the America as a whole. Notably, the two parties were competing for the electoral majority, and those who played a crucial role in winning the votes for the two parties were the Party leader. Although in the South, the Republican Party resorted to using some methods like violence and formation of some groups to win votes.

Ideally, a symbiotic relationship exists between the white racism and the electoral system or structures. The electoral incentives and the competition of the two parties led black Americans in the south to lose most of their constitutional rights. The existence of a single Party in the south made the rights of the blacks to be marginalized. Hence, there was a need for another Party probably the Democratic Party which could challenge the Republican Party so that the rights like the voting rights of the blacks could be taken into consideration. The Democratic Party emerged to keep the Africans disenfranchised and moreover, they took into account the interest of the blacks.

On the Contrary, the Democratic Party used various incentives like, mobilizing the groups that were left out of the Republican Party, the majority included the blacks that were deprived of their rights. The primary feature of the relationship between the two parties is that the Republican Party was the initially formed Party that enjoyed a broad discretion of marginalization of the blacks right among many other inequalities to these people. Contrary to this fact, the Democratic Party came into existence at a later date and was trying to bring together those who were left out of the Republican Party, and it was majorly focusing on its shortcomings. For example, it is focused on the provision of equal voting rights of all people including the blacks and also the protection of the black from racism and slavery.

Frymers Position

Frymers emphasizes that the Republican Party realized that they did require Blacks votes to win an election. It made the Party and its leaders to abolish the malpractices they had imposed on Africans Americans. Consequently, it prompted many blacks to join the competitive Democratic Party making the Republican Party inferior regarding votes. In this way, they stood a higher chance of losing an election. Moreover, even the whites migrated to the Democratic Party, since they had a view that the Republican was not advocating for their rights. They had to appeal to the pure American for votes with a notion that it had stopped the malpractices; it was initially done to the Blacks. Internal fights and conflicts arose between the Party leaders leading to the disintegrations of the Republican Party, and this led to the abandonment of the Party and the people opted to join the Democratic Party.

Frymer also recognizes that fact that the Republican Party lost nearly all the black votes to the Democratic Party since it was more appealing to the Blacks and the entire America. It was because its manifestos were good and advocated for the protection of the rights of all individuals in America. With this, the Republican Party did not give up but countered and started to emulate the practices of the Democratic Party through the making of the various changes in its constitution. These changes included changing the Party leaders that had been criticized in the past. With this both the two parties had to compete fairly for votes since they were advocating for the same things.

My view on Frymers Conclusion

I agree with the Frymers' conclusions because no Party can win in isolation, all peoples and interests have to be cared for in the Party and all those members who had initially left the Party should be brought back. Also, a Party should not practice racism, it should be an issue of the past, and instead, the Party should major on how to garner more votes and so that it can protect the interest of those who have voted for it and those who did not vote as well. And finally, the Party positions should be allocated reasonably based on some criterion and ensuring all the interested persons and races are represented in the Party; with all this, the side can be sure of winning an election.

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