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Hypertension is a condition whereby blood pressure in the artery elevated as excessive force pumping blood into the heart of due to arterioles narrow to the point that blood flow exerts pressure against the walls of arterioles. Since the patient diagnosed at 49 years old and a recommendation made, the possible diagnosis could have been mild hypertension (stage 1). As depicted in the doctor's recommendation that put the patient to lifestyle changes such as having regular exercise, weight loss, change of diet. The patient was on the risk factor of 49 years of age at the first diagnosis since the age in jeopardy for men is for 45 years and the blood pressure of 140/90 mm Hg. (Paul et al., 2014). However, in such cases where a patient visits the clinician after diagnosis without receiving medication, the doctor in charge would perform diagnoses such as office BPs, ambulatory BP monitoring, home or self-measurement to establish the current levels of BP, SBP, and DBP respectively. (Daskalopoulou S, et al., 2015).

If the patient diagnosed with hypertension, the doctor would then look for the evidenced of macrovascular target organ which damaged at the last diagnostic visit with an annual examination of the patients BP (Epocrates, 2014). Other physical assessments laboratory tests and primary treatments can be carried out by the doctor. For instance, physical evaluating risk factors such as family history, neck examinations for thyroids, smoking history measuring weight, height, examining lifestyle and medical history, (Alexander, March 23, 2017). Laboratory tests such as urinalysis, blood glucose fasting, glomerular filtration rate and hematocrit may be performed to establish the possible presence of hypertension (Placeholder5). Consequently, essential treatments administered to the patient may include lifestyle changes which might include dietary approaches that could stop hypertension, regular exercise, limitation of amount of alcohol and smoking and maintaining an average weight (Sullivan, September 8, 2016)


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