How to Write a Biographical Research Paper on a Person

How to Write a Biographical Research Paper on a Person

Some personalities are so bright that they have become the subject matter for the research over the years. Perhaps, they introduced some groundbreaking ideas in the niche or made a significant impact on the development of the country, scientific field, or social life.

If it happens that you’ve got to write a research paper on a historical person for your class and you’ve never dealt with this paper type before, we are here to give you some guidance. We’ll explain to you what this academic work stands for and will share valuable tips that would enable you to organize the writing process in a more efficient way.

What Is a Biographical Essay - Let’s Start With the Basics

Before we delve into figuring out the steps to writing a biography paper, let’s get a fix on what this academic assignment represents. 

In simple words, this paper includes a detailed story of the person’s life, from birth till the last days. Writing a biography is an exciting experience as it allows the writer to discover interesting facts from the life of a famous personality. 

You won’t get bored when working on this assignment since you won’t be just figuring out the educational background, family relationship, love stories, and artistic or social activity of a person. You’ll be covering different aspects of the individual’s life through the perspective of their experience.

Writing a Biography Essay - What Should It Include

The most prominent peculiarity of the biography report is that it covers all life stages of the person’s life. It is supposed to highlight different aspects of the perosanily, their experience, and background. Thus, your paper might look like this:

  • title page;
  • introduction;
  • body;
  • conclusion;
  • cited sources.

You might be wondering how to organize information within these parts of the paper, so we are rushing to address the questions you might have.

How to Start a Research Paper on a Person

Whether you are crafting an essay or research paper, you’ve got to open your work somehow. If you are clueless about how to start a biography about someone else, here is the best thing you can do.

Keep in mind that an introduction is a place where you are supposed to come clean about the subject and create a sort of a hook that would keep the reader excited and motivated to move further through your paper.

Thus, here are a few scenarios you can use to open your paper. Start with a quote of another famous persona about your character that would characterize them best. If you have found an anecdote or an exciting short story, it would make a good beginning. You can also go with a classing opening enumerating the person’s achievements in the industry.

Biographical Paragraph

How to Write a Biography Essay Body

Your research paper body will have several sections depending on what you would like to highlight and what events were prominent in the person’s life. Do not try to idealize the person and make use of true proven facts.

Mind that the first chapter is always devoted to the early life of the individual and should tell about the place and time of birth, family, education, and some life-changing events that happened to the person during the early years of their life. You can add sub-headings to organize the information in a more compelling way.

The next chapters will depend on the individual and their life position, events, and aspects of life. You might devote a section to love stories, marriage, or anything personal-related. Then another section would be about the activities that made the person famous. Some students even make a chapter where they describe the individual’s values, beliefs, and character traits.

The Closing Biographical Paragraph

With all the information at hand, it’s time to evaluate the legacy the person left in world history or the impact they made on a specific industry.

Thus, you should avoid rephrasing the paragraphs and insights from the body of your paper. You’d better express why you believe that was a prominent personality instead. Consider whether the work of the individual is significant and if it’s relevant in the modern world.

Handy Tips for Composing a Brilliant Biographical Paper

In fact, writing a biography is not that complicated when you know how to organize the process. So, we are here to share some valuable tips on how to write a research paper on a person that would enable you to tackle this academic assignment with ease.

Pick the Object of Research Wisely

The challenge of selecting the person to write about lies in the several factors you’ve got to consider:

  • the person should be famous enough so you could find enough relevant information;
  • the person should not be over-studied, especially during your classes to keep the sparkle of curiosity smoldering;
  • the person should ignite a desire to find out more about their persona.

If you happen to make these pieces fit together perfectly, then you will enjoy working on your paper and will have excellent results.

Organize Information Before Writing

It’s needless to say that you’ve got to carry research and collect data about the person. Willy-nilly, you’ll do that anyway. But what most students forget to do is to organize the information for easier access.

Make use of any techniques that work for you:

  • create a digital mind map;
  • print the materials and use colorful labels;
  • use colorful markers to highlight different types of data;
  • create different files for various aspects of the person's life.

Anything that works for you will do. 

An Outline Is a Must

An outline is your shortcut to crafting a well-organized paper with less hassle. It will ensure you know the direction of every single section and do not mix things up. 

In this way, you will have a neatly structured bibliography that is clear, easy to comprehend, and informative.

Get Help if You Can’t Make It

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