How to Conclude a Research Paper: Handy Tips

How to Conclude a Research Paper: Handy Tips

You’ve probably done the toughest part of your term paper project - you’ve carried the research, estimated the findings from the scholar’s materials, and even have drawn your own findings. So, now what? Are you supposed to write good conclusions for essays or term papers? Absolutely! In fact, that’s one of the essential parts of your work.

What’s a Conclusion Paragraph in a Research Paper? 

If you are uncertain about what is a conclusion sentence, paragraph, or section in a research paper, here is a brief answer to this question. This is a recap of everything you’ve been discussing in your work, including the estimation of the existing materials and your own findings based on the proven facts or data.

There are many reasons why the final statements are indispensable in a paper like:

  • you give a quick grasp of the research to the reader;
  • you check whether you were consistent with your content across the paper;
  • you emphasize the relevance and significance of the work you carried;
  • you make your own contribution to the development of the study;
  • you can point the reader’s focus in the right direction;
  • you define the research scope for other students or scholars;
  • you provide other students with valuable insights about the topic;
  • you encourage other scholars to study this subject in more detail.

As you see, a conclusion is not the professor’s whim. It has some valuable practical and ideological benefits both for you and your readers. 

How to Structure a Conclusion

How to Structure a Conclusion: Comparing an Essay and Research Paper

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to understanding how to write the last paragraph of an essay and research paper. Some students think that a research project conclusion should be a brand new way of delivering thoughts compared to an essay. 

But in fact, when you have a clue about how to conclude an essay, you will have no issues with a research paper as well. This section of the paper is supposed to do the same thing: highlight the work's ideas and inspire additional thought about the subject.

Thus, a research paper should end with the same ideas you would use in an essay but in a more detailed form. It means that you’ve got to restate the subject matter of your work, go over the main findings, and show new perspectives for more detailed research of a topic.

Besides, you may want to talk about the things that you failed to prove or any other issues you had during the investigation.

So, if you have successful essays in your academic portfolio, you can take a look at the conclusion sentence examples for essays in your previous works to get a better vision of how to wrap up your research project.

Priceless Hints on How to Conclude a Research Paper

Even if you know the overall procedure and have a grasp of how to develop a paper conclusion, there are a few tricks that can help you craft a more captivating wrapping section with ease.

Answer the ‘So What?” Question

Do you have not the slightest idea about how to end a research paper? Then think of your academic work from the ‘so what’ perspective. It means that you’ve got to untangle the chain of questions about your paper and build a clear vision of it in the reader’s mind. Start with the reason for your research. Explain why you selected the topic and why it’s critical for the academic realm. Then, place your findings in the context of other works and estimate why your insights are essential for the development of the study of the problem. 

Paraphrasing Is Your Best Friend

Another significant tip that would give you the clues on how to form a conclusion paragraph is to never copy the passages from the research paper body. This is a bad idea that might reduce your chances for a high grade.

The best strategy for crafting a conclusion is to summarize things from your paper and then paraphrase them. It means that you should deliver the same ideas but in different words.

How to Form a Conclusion Paragraph

It’s Not the Best Time to Be Shy

Do you believe that you’ve made a huge impact on the investigation of the topic with your research paper? Then showcase your findings to the world!

It’s really a great idea to stress the importance of your work on a global scale. Even if you are not a young Einstein, you’ve probably worked out some interesting theories or been struck by fascinating insights. You just have to shape them in neat academic language and share them with a reader.

Introduce a New Unexpected Way of Thinking About the Topic

You have one of the brightest minds as you have made up a new way of looking at the problem. We are certain that it won’t be a big deal for you to find out how to conclude essays or research papers then.

But just in case you would like to save some time on thinking things over, here is a canned answer for you. If you have invented a new strategy of thinking about the topic or managed to look at it from a different angle, share it in your work right away.

The Clearer You Write, the Better

Many students make the same mistake over and over again. They tend to complicate things when working on their research paper. They believe that a more advanced and complex language is a sign that they are smart and would boost their odds for a better grade.

But in fact, this works vice versa. Overly complicated language, even in an academic paper, is a sign of bad manners. That is why stick with the simplicity principle and enjoy the writing process.

Another aspect is being concise and clear. Do not beat around the bush and make formidable introductions. Get straight to business and deliver your ideas in a logical and sequential way.

Start With Details, Then Go to the General Level

As you are thinking about the structure of a conclusion paragraph, consider introducing details first and then go to a more general side of the problem. This would enable the reader to put all pieces of the puzzle together step-by-step and see the overall picture in a natural way. This will enhance the level of comprehension and acquisition of your ideas. 

Can’t Do It By Yourself - Hire the Professionals

As you see, there are many tricks to writing a successful final part of your work. Thus, just knowing what belongs in the conclusion paragraph is not enough. If you do not have time to get to know all the nuances of crafting the research paper conclusion, you can always get in touch with our writing service to get masterful academic assistance.