60 Interesting Human Sexuality Research Paper Topics

60 Interesting Human Sexuality Research Paper Topics

Human sexuality research is among the youngest and most controversial among soft sciences, even if it can help us find answers to the most important questions about ourselves. So, where do you start your research journey when there are dozens of possible paths for you to take? First, you need to come up with an idea that's interesting, fresh, and researchable, and we can help with that. Use our list of controversial topics in psychology, physiology, and other sexuality-related subjects, and you will certainly find what you're looking for. 

Handpicked Human Sexuality Research Paper Topics

Human sexuality is no longer a risky research area, even if some topics are still rife with preconceptions and biases. So while any of the ideas below will make for an awesome research paper, we've divided the shortlist into four sections, from the riskiest to the easiest ones. 

If you go with controversial or interesting topics, you will gain your professor's attention. These are the most exciting of topics on sexuality, so you know the results will be juicy. Fresh topics are equally cool and have an added benefit of being less well-researched. So while finding reliable sources may be a pain, no one in your class will steal your idea.

The final selection of easy research topics is perfect for last-minute writing and tight deadlines. These ideas are no less interesting, but the abundance of references makes them easier to write about. You'll have plenty of sources to choose from, so your writing time should go down significantly.

Controversial Human Sexuality Topics

  1. Neuroticism and psychoticism vulnerability related to sexual orientation.
  2. Social biases and challenges of pornography research.
  3. Gender differences in sexual fantasies about one's partner and someone else.
  4. The effect of masturbation on marital and sexual satisfaction among females.
  5. The increase of PTSD symptoms among women after childbirth.
  6. Different types of coercion and psychological outcomes in unwanted sex.
  7. Relationship stigma associated with sexual inexperience among adults.
  8. Condom-associated erection problems in young, heterosexual men.
  9. The implications of women labeling their consensual and nonconsensual sexual experiences.
  10. Sexual excitation and inhibition inciting sexual problems among women.
  11. Evolutionary mechanisms and social processes of uncommitted sexual encounters.
  12. Condom use motivation and choices with new versus established sex partners.
  13. Affective and cognitive factors of women's sexual response to erotica.
  14. The relationship between pubic hair removal and sexual behavior in adult women in the US.
  15. Individual differences in the effects of mood on sexual attitude and behavior.

Human Sexuality Project Ideas

Interesting Sexuality Topics

  1. The benefits of sex positivity in psychological treatments.
  2. Genetic and environmental influences on sexual orientation.
  3. Parent-based barriers to parent-adolescent communication about sex and sexuality.
  4. The sources of human compulsion to categorize themselves and others based on sex, gender, and sexual orientation.
  5. Factors contributing to the complexities of sexual consent.
  6. Orgasm frequency among gay, lesbian, bisexual, and heterosexual men and women.
  7. The effect of progesterone and other hormones on women's anxiety throughout the menstrual cycle.
  8. The differences between emotional and sexual infidelity as perceived by men and women.
  9. The variance in mood symptoms across menstrual cycles.
  10. The relationship between marital status and domain-specific stress and anxiety.
  11. The implications of the relationship between inflammation, sexual activity and ovulation.
  12. Analyzing relationship and sexual satisfaction in midlife and older couples.
  13. Physiological and psychological factors affecting women's sexual arousal.
  14. The effect of alcohol and drug use during sex on condom use behavior.
  15. Psychological distress symptoms among Asian American sexual minority adults.

Fresh Human Sexuality Project Ideas

  1. Genetic and environmental influences on risky sexual behavior and its relationship with personality.
  2. The effect of digitalization on the issues of sexual consent.
  3. The analysis of condoms uses decision-making to prevent sexually transmitted infections.
  4. Psychological threat avoidance as a barrier to HIV testing in gay and bisexual men.
  5. Competitive reputation manipulation through social media among women.
  6. Health and identity-related communication between LGBTQ females and their healthcare providers.
  7. The differences in sexual identification among behaviorally bisexual women across the US.
  8. The demographic, interpersonal, and personality-related factors of infidelity in heterosexual couples.
  9. Lubricants use perceptions and biases among the US women and men.
  10. First sexual experience and marriage timing among adults raised by kin and non-kin caregivers.
  11. The effect of childhood family structure on sexual risk-taking behaviors.
  12. Modern prejudice towards same-sex parenting.
  13. The emotional impact of uncommitted sexual encounters among college students.
  14. Biocultural perspectives of the relationship between aging and sexual behavior.
  15. The effect of partnership status on the vibrator use among heterosexual adult males.

Easy Ideas for Human Sexuality Essays

  1. Sexual behaviors influencing the risk to contract STIs or have an unwanted pregnancy.
  2. Genetic and environmental influences on the frequency of orgasm in women.
  3. The effect of sexual activity on early-onset prostate cancer risk in men.
  4. Gender differences in the conceptualizations and indicators of sexual consent.
  5. Clinical characteristics of patients with gender identity disorder.
  6. The development of sex role stereotypes in adolescents.
  7. The understanding of sex, virginity, and abstinence among college students.
  8. The effect of pop culture on sexual attitude and behavior.
  9. Addressing the sexual consent issues to reduce unwanted sexual advances.
  10. Associations between condom use issues and sexual enjoyment.
  11. The effect of sex education on consent attitudes, intention, and communication.
  12. Age-related sexual behavior and attitude patterns among single adults.
  13. The effects of sexual communication, variety and frequency on long-term sexual satisfaction.
  14. The increased rate of engagement in consensually non-monogamous relationships.
  15. Analyzing dating and sexual behavior among the US single parents.

We've collected these ideas to tickle your imagination and spur your interest in the field. You can use any of the topics as they are presented on our list. But you can also make them your own by adding scope limits or shifting the focus of your research. Besides, you can always ask our professional writers for help. They will come up with a custom topic and complete the research paper for you.