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Tracing back to the colonial period and the birth of the new United States of America the first American writings were done by over 170 writers who employed their knowledge and skills in expressing their concerns about the rights of the people, challenges they were facing in the hands of the colonial masters and the need for freedom. The areas of interest included cultural rights, economic hardships, oppression and dictatorship by the colonial rulers among other interests. The early American writings bring together all the books done from the fifteenth through the eighteenth century (Nicholas 112) .The literature is enriched with cross-cultural references the first Americans experienced. It is a typical narration of what was happening, and the writings were not just mere words of exercising skill, but it carried weighty matters that needed to be addressed. The paper will explore the early writings done by Thomas Harriot, Richard Hakluyt and Johnson Smith.it will critique their books by establishing their message, intentions, audience and the relevance it had in those times and the relationship they have with the modern America.

Thomas Hariot Of the nature and manners of the people.

Thomas Hariot was a great writer and a mathematician from the Oxford University. He wrote this piece after visiting the Roanoke colony in the 1580s. Hariots writings were directed to the inhabitants of American and the English colonialists who had invaded America. His literature significantly contributed to the history of the colonial America. In his piece of the nature and manners of the people, he illustrates the character of the Native Americans in the hands of the colonizers (Barbour &Philip 209). He compares the American culture with that of the English colonialists. Harriot nuances a picture of residents who are forced to follow the habits of the colonialists by changing their mannerism, cultural practices and the way the inhabitants conducted themselves. His publication has been illustrated through a curving done by Theodor Debry the image sends mixed emotions of love and fear. Harriot depicts that the colonialists had come to interfere with the natural setting of the inhabitants and their agricultural activities as a source of economic benefit. He, however, motivate the people by saying that the colonialists are not to be feared he says how that they in respect of troubling our inhabiting and planting, are not to be feared; but that they shall have cause both to fear and love vs., that shall inhabit with them. Besides, he is routed into the religion which he strives to enlighten the people.

Richard Hakluyt, Title and chapter Headings from discourse of western planting (1584)

Richard Hakluyt was a geographer and a supporter of the English colonization of the North America. His writings were inspired by the desire to occupy a new land and establish settlements. He wrote the piece Discourse of western planting and presented it to queen Elizabeth of England for a forceful colonization of North America (Jowitt, Claire 78). The audience of his writings are the English people because he wanted to encourage them to pursue a colonial interest and establish settlements in America. He is propagandist who made history through his weight writings that expressed a desire to colonize. His unusual activity is books that led to the establishment of the first English colony (Jowitt, Claire 87). He wisely wrote about America and his writings were used to update the queen on the progress and adventures of the colony. His primary activity was documented evidence that would lead to the colonization of America. Because he was a religious leader, he wanted to spread his religion to the colonized. He says That these western discoveries will be great for the enlargement of the gospel of Christe whereunto the Princes of the reformed religion are chiefly bound amongst whom her Majestie is principal.it can be argued that his writings played a great role in the colonization of America.

John Smith The Copy of a Letter Sent to the Treasurer and Council of Virginia from Captain Smith, then President in Virginia. Smith gained popularity in his writings that influenced the colonization of America. He was a soldier and was responsible for leading troops in protecting the colonists in America. He was determined and had strong leadership skills. He ensured that the invaders never lacked food. Smith played a significant role through his writings and maps that encouraged the English colonists to pursue America and make it their colony. His large images raised controversies but worked for the settlers. He trained the settlers to farm and engaged in activities and did not encourage laziness he says those who do not work should not eat. His writings are directed towards the English people who never took saw sense in what he calls comparative advantage. He urges his people through the letter to import those commodities that are expensive to produce but cheap when outsourced.

In summary, it is worth noting that the three personalities left great impact from the role they played in the colonization of America. Their writings were directed towards a particular audience but majorly touched on expansion. Their writings were pillars of the establishment of a settlement in American and spreading the English cultural beliefs and practices. They were bestowed with knowledge and skills of doing their writing. Their role plays a significant part in the making of the American history and the coming up of the new United States of America. They also translated their literature to make it more meaningful.

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