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The Meiji restoration was a reform that took place in Japan In 1868 under the rule of Emperor Meiji. The revolution saw the end of military rule in Japan and the return of a system of government where the Empire ruled the country (Jansen, 2016,). The reforms were also able to bring about social change such as westernization of Japan. The reforms abolished the privileges of the feudal class and strengthened Japans army. The revolution was also able to bring economic changes by moving Japan from agriculture to an industrialized economy.

Manifest destiny

Manifest destiny is a belief held widely during the 19th century by the US that it was their duty to expand the American way of life (Ruiz, 1963,). The idea was encouraged by the belief by American that they were superior to other people. The phrase was commonly used by politicians in 1840,s while explaining the expansion activities that were being carried out by the government.

Events that propelled independence in Africa movements

The Africans independent movements were propelled by the need to get away from the colonial York. The Africans under the colonial rule did not have equal rights with the whites (Mandela, Van, Bouma, & Mandela, 2014, p.). People felt that they need to do something about the injustice and the cruelty that was done on them. People were starting resenting the colonialist and this led to the growth of independent fighters.


Apartheid was a system of government used by the South Africa country that discriminated and segregated black SouthAfricans. Under the apartheid system, blacks and whites were not allowed to mix, and interaction between the two races was limited. There were different areas set aside such as public facilities for whites and blacks (Mandela, Van, Bouma, & Mandela, 2014,). The 1913 land act made it illegal for Black South Africans to live with the whites and forced them to live in reserves.

How the Allied forces won World War II

World War II was won by the allied forces that were fighting against Germany and its allies. The reason that saw Germany defeated was because of the vast supply of arms by the US ("BBC - History - World Wars: World War Two: How the Allies Won,). The other reason that led to the defeat of Germany was the power resistance that was experienced by the red army. Finally, the allied forces had a superior air force that Germany could not compete with it.

The role Israel-Palestine issue has played in the Middle East

The constant summits held to resolve the Israel-Palestinian issue has been a major issue in the Middle East. There have also been alliances between different nations in the Middle East due to the Israel/Palestine conflict.

Causes of the Cold War

The cold war was a period that saw a strained relationship between the US and the USSR. The cold war was caused the US fear of the communist, and the Soviets dislike for capitalism. It was also caused by the USSR fear of the US atomic bombs and the refusal of the US to share its nuclear weapon secrets.

Tiananmen Square

In 1989, the secretary-general of the communist party Mr. Hu Yaobang died at the age of 73. Mr. Hu Yaobang was a reformer, and the students respected him ("Tiananmen Square Fast Facts -,). When Mr. Hu died, students came to the Tiananmen Square to mourn him, and the gathering turned into demonstrations. After several weeks of protest, the military entered the square and killed thousands of people while trying to disperse them.

Asian economic tigers

The term Asian Tigers Is used to refer to the four high-growth economies in Asia. The countries comprise of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea ("Southeast Asian tiger economies look to avoid crisis repeat,"). The four nations have a high economic growth and have sustained the growth for many years. The economies are highly industrialized

Gandhis role in fighting for Indias independence

Mahatma Gandhi was instrumental in the fight for the inference of India from the British. He was a major player in the use of non-violence in the struggle for independence (Low, 2006,). He also brought the masses to gether to fight under one goal.


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