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Part B

The market revolution greatly changed the way of life of most American in todays world. The beginning of the market revolution happened almost at the same time as the industrial revolution. The market revolution brought changes to the way people work in some ways. The greatest advantage of the market revolution

The industrial revolution plays a critical role in bringing into place the market revolution. With the introduction of industries and investment, the need to have more money for investment and purchase of most of the industrial products brought into place forces of the market revolution. Impact of market revolution coupled with industrial revolution brought numerous changes in the ways of work and nature of life people lived since most people traveled from the rural to urban areas to be part of the revolution that was ongoing. Moreover, the work landscape changed as people began working for hourly pay giving more interest to the hours spent working.

History of Goth also gives a good overview of the impact of the revolution in the lives of human. The story took place in an empire which was always characterized by wars. The battle among the members of the empire brought to an end the dark edges as the influence of Roman Empire came to an end. This end of the dark edges marked the beginning of great changes within the great empire. The war has scattered the members of the empire into different cultures, and each culture came up with their own culture which marked different inventions, and as people of the social struggle to outdo each other, great invention came up, and a new society came out from the Gothic culture. The story of Goth symbolizes the history of the market and industrial revolution in the world.


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