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The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) code of ethics was formed with a primary intention of serving as a guide to the day-to-day professional conducts of social employees in society. The code of ethics is sub-divided into four sections with the first section referred to as the Preamble which summarizes the type of social work professions mission and fundamental values that must be put into consideration. The second step is the reasons for coming up with these code of conduct and their essential functions. The third section highlights the ethical principles that are centered on the social workers fundamental values that enlighten the various social work practice. Finally, the last part of these codes of conduct discusses the ethical standards which outline the precise ethical standards that are significant in guiding social workers and coming up with a basis of judgment (Buila, 2010). The organization is broad and comprises of professional workers with its primary intent of promoting, developing, and guiding the practice of social work and the employees. It, therefore, means that the organization is in support of the well-being of people, families, and communities through its work and encouragement.

Practicing Code of Ethics

Personally, the ideas expressed in the code of ethics is important in coming with a detailed decision-making process since the law outlines a set of values, ideologies, and principles essential in guiding decision-making and conduct when ethical issues emerge. The ethical decision-making process in any given situation must come up with the rules and adhere to the informed judgment, and look into how the problem was arising would be judged in a peer review process (Corey et al. 2014). Therefore, individually, the code of ethics can be utilized entirely in conflict resolution process where various key issues would be into consideration before coming up with the best decision. These procedures will apply both to work and the daily human endeavors with having in mind the standards and values appropriate in coming up with a detailed decision on an emerging conflict. A person should use both the principle and rules with real characters which distinguish moral question and, in good faith, intents to come up with reliable, ethical verdicts.

Challenges of Social Works

As observed by Buila, S. (2010), various challenges and obstacles might affect the manner in which social workers practices the mission of social work, the greatest of which is the conflict of interest that emerges while exercising the mission. Therefore, social workers should be aware and try as much as possible to avoid the conflict of interest that interrupts with the process of professional discretion and impartial judgment. Cultural diversity might compromise the common understanding and objective analysis of various problems affecting society. Financial availability might eventually dictate the success or failure of a given social work mission. Other challenges may include language barrier which is likely to compromise the internalization and appreciation real problem as opposed to the imagination of the social worker, individual sets of laws and regulations may equally make it hard for a social worker to carry out his duties effectively.

In conclusion, for these code of ethics to be successfully embraced, social workers ought to enhance conditions that embrace respect for cultural and social diversity throughout the entire universe. Moreover, they should encourage policies and practices that acknowledge respect for difference, support the diversification of cultural knowledge and resources, and promote policies that protect the rights and justice for people.



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