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General Nutrition Centers, GNC, has being a leading company in the sales of products related to health and nutrition. Such products include vitamins, sports nutrition, energy products, herbs, minerals as well as supplements. Most of the companys target market has been the individuals who go for gymnastics because these are the individuals who require such products for fitness purpose. In the past few years, the worlds need for health and nutrition products has increased. This increased demand has been as a result of the increase in sports preference among individuals especially the youths (Lin, 2017). Youths have become more sports-oriented because sports activities minimize health products and build their bodies. The health and nutrition of an individual are dependent on the type of diet taken, kind of training and fitness undertaken, as well as the supplements he or she chooses.

GNC has increased its sales in the past few years because of its marketing strategy. Their marketing strategy has helped the company to acquire loyal customers who prefer their quality products. With more than 6000 stores around the world, the company has broadened its customer base and increased sales (OWN, 2017). This white paper will cover everything you need to know concerning the selling of GNC products to their target markets. The paper starts by identifying the different products sold by the company and their crucial importance. Then the whitepaper will cover some of the companys target market and why the gymnasium is their key target market. It also gives some quick references as well as recommendations pertaining selling their products in the arena.


Selling GNC products in the gymnasium is an excellent sales and marketing strategy. GNC has been the leading source of nutrients and other forms of supplement for weightlifters. The first store was a health food store opened in 1935 by David Shakarian, and it was changed to General Nutrition Center in the 1960s (Gale, 2015). These supplements enhance one during training if combined with the right diet, it also makes it easy to get the required nutrients that help in muscle building. Supplement are those extra nutrients that are added to one's diet to improve it. The centers also offer a well arranged and analyzed food for weightlifters, and they outline the best way to keep fit and healthy for gym users. They are a significant source of vitamin B, for bodybuilders this is important because adequate intake of vitamin B assists the body to get the energy it needs.

It is crucial for gyms to use these GNCs because they offer a variety of services and goods to them that are necessary or that assist builders to gain muscles and stay healthy. Working out needs a balanced diet so that the muscles can form, without these supplements, it might be difficult to keep fit (Lin, 2017). Therefore an easy access to such centers is vital for the healthy diet and training timetable. They help one understand their body and the kind of workouts they should do; this also prevents one from injuries that may be associated with gym workouts. In case of injuries, there are also those supplements that help the muscle recover quickly and more efficiently (Gale, 2015).

Previous Approaches

GNC has been selling most of its products in their stores that they have opened up in most parts of the globe. These stores are located in different areas, and customers require to go to those stores and make their purchases. At some point, this is quite stressful because some customers travel long distances to get to the GNC stores. This has increased the costs because customers need these products for health and nutritional purposes. Moreover, other companies that sell health and nutrition products have managed to be more competitive by having online services where customers just make their orders and are delivered at their preferred locations. Most of the customers that GNC has acquired are individual that go for gymnasium sessions and these clients end up buying the products they need in bulk to avoid incurring more costs when they need the products. Previously, the company had been targeting sportsmen and women because they need products such as supplements, sports diet and herbs for fitness purposes (Gale, 2015). Moreover, the company has been recommended by most medical professionals who endorse the companys products to their patients. The company sells products that can be used by some patients, but their purchases are not as consistent as those who go for gymnasium sessions.

New Findings

Most purchases are made by those that attend gymnasium training because these people are more interested in their nutrition, health, and fitness. Those that attend gymnasium have indicated a high level of customer loyalty. As a result, GNC should intensify their businesses by making more sales in the gymnasium. Today, most people tend to hit the gym because people have identified and understood the benefits that are related with the gymnasium (Lin, 2017). It is, therefore, important for GNC to seize this opportunity and use it to their advantage because the company can increase its sales and achieve a higher level of global competitiveness. Selling GNC products in the gymnasium will assist the company to serve their customers near their locations because most town and cities across the world have at least one gymnasium.

With this information, it is quite clear that the gymnasium is a suitable place to set up a store and sell GNC products. Customer loyalty is attributed to customer satisfaction. Reducing the costs of purchasing their products will help their customers to be satisfied and selling them at customer-friendly prices ensures there exists customer satisfaction. Furthermore, most people who use health and nutrition products prefer using GNC products because they are of high quality and do not necessarily affect the health of their users. Customer preference has been the cast, and according to the company, they have managed to collect more revenue out of it and grow economically. With customer satisfaction, the products will be supplied according to the customer demands.

It is also important to point out that gymnasiums are open from wee hours to late night hours. This indicates that the GNC products will be sold during this hours bearing in mind that gymnasiums never lack customers. Consistent customers are likely to be identified, and they are the core drivers of any business premise. Customers determine the companys image and help to recommend other customers to use services and products that a company creates. Attracting gymnasium members requires the company to come up with new marketing strategies that assure the clients of their quality products that are consumer friendly. The company can also use these customers to come up with new products that they need. Consumer demand will give them a global competitive advantage because their products will be preferred and demanded by most health and nutrition products users. Since gymnasium trainers go there frequently, it means that purchases will be made consistently and this will be an added advantage to the companys revenue and economic growth.


The information acquired from the research shows that gymnasiums are suitable places for selling GNC products. In most towns and cities, gymnasiums have been set up making it easier to get into the business. It also gives the company a chance to intensify its activities and services because it will reach out it services to most people out there in the cities and towns around the world (OWN, 2017). Increasing the consumer base increases their revenue, and the company can be more competitive on the global stage. In gymnasiums, people always flock in because they understand that body fitness is a significant determinant of an individuals health. Health and nutrition products can be used for a variety of reasons depending on the user. Gymnasiums also have trainers who help trainees to build their bodies and be fit. These trainers can be of help because they can recommend trainees to use GNC products to boost their fitness and use nutritional supplements for health purposes. According to the research, GNC products stand a better opportunity to have a higher global competitive advantage and become a multinational company that sells quality health and nutrition products (Lin, 2017). This paper has been able to highlight and discuss why GNC should sell its products in gymnasiums to improve sales and acquire a global brand and image for its customers.



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