Research Paper Sample: Findings of Work Emails, Facebook Posts, and Text Messages

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Many people would attest that communication differs depending on the person one is communicating with. There are two types of communication and attributes of the two vary with the target audience as well as the formality of the information relayed. It would be substantial also to note that communication also differs depending on the platform. If one is posting a message on social media, one would expect that it would be casual. However, it would be important to note that there is a process that people go through when it comes to writing messages. This means that when one starts a job, their communication through email might be ambiguous and may lack professionalism. But, as time goes by, they become well-seasoned, and one would not miss noting that their communication through writing is improving. In my scenario, I have observed some changes and improvements ever since I started working; this is evident by the fact that how I relay information on Facebook when sending an email and even when testing has changed to an ultimate degree ever since I got the job. This being the only communicating channel when I started working, I experienced difficult because I sent emails just for the sake of completing the task. However, as time went by, I began to understand how important it was to keep work emails concise and to the point by sticking to some of the rules inherent with regular emails. Another area that many people do not give a thought about how they ought to go about is texting. This is because of the fact that many individuals do not realize how important they are as tools of communication. If one stuck to the rules of texting, they would realize a higher potential in their life. To further the research and improve on credibility, there abound the need to collect data about work emails, personal texts, and Facebook posts. The research shall focus on the similarity and features of the posts and in the long run portray that effective or meaningful writing is achieved through sustained engagement in literate practices and through revision.

When texting workmates, I just did not understand how important it was to create a clear-cut distinction between them and other people I communicated with. However, as time went by, I learned how important it was to keep text messages sent to workmates as formal as possible. The format of official documents is most important since they can determine whether or not the recipient would read and understand them. Many employees often ignore formatting of texts. However, it would be important to note that proper format increases the probability that the recipient would read, respond and react positively to it. Work messages should be concise and straight to the point. There is a ton of benefits of sticking to the professional manner of writing messages; one is the fact that messages sent are clearly understood by the recipient. After getting the first job, I had to learn how to communicate to my fellow employees and even the management through texting. This is because text messages sent to employees are far much different from those sent to friends and family. Efficient texting has certain characteristics; they are short, precise and to the point. This is because of the fact that no one has time to go through long text messages on their mobile phones. Text messages are generally short; they are used to pass certain critical messages from one individual to another. When sending a message through text, one is almost certain that the one receiving the text message would read it, unlike emails where one is not sure that the message would be read. With time, one learns to draw a clear-cut distinction between work text messages and personal text messages. Worktext messages are written in a concise and are written using correct grammar. Unlike simple text messages, some work messages do not need a reply while others need short responses such as received. Work messages do not form conversations between individuals, they are meant only to deliver different messages.

Emails are essential communicating tools both at the formal and the informal levels. However, not every employee knows how important it is to ensure that information contained in work emails are well articulated, short and precise. Now when it comes to working emails, I found out that some features draw a clear-cut difference between them and all the other emails. I noticed that work emails follow a strict format. This means that they are concise and to the point. Another feature inherent with work emails is the fact that sometimes there needs not to be a reply sometimes. This is because of the CC included in the emails, and this means that they will read your reply to the sender. Work emails are strict when it comes to the use of grammar. Outstanding job emails have to be written in correct grammar so that the receiver would understand the information. All work emails are clear, short and to the point. Only relevant information is included. Work emails should also have an explicit closing at its end.

When writing Facebook posts in the first instance, I did not know that formal should be typed using plaintexts and standard fonts. However, this should not be mistaken since not all Facebook posts should follow the same format as the work Facebook communication messages. When sending messages on Facebook, the formality of the message differs depending on the person you are communicating with. If one is talking with a workmate, the message and form of comunication would undoubtedly change from the one that one would send a family member. However, it would be important to note that sending messages on social media does not remain the same over ones lifetime. When one is was busy at work or from work, I kept messages on Facebook short and concise. Facebook posts have certain features, and this draws a clear-cut distinction from all the other communications. This is because of the fact that most of the messages sent on Facebook are casual. However, just because messages sent on Facebook are casual does not mean that everyone posting therein would effectively communicate the message. Effective Facebook posts have to come with some given characteristics. Facebook posts should be organized and interesting to read. This comes through the ability to tap into interest lists and trends in that time. Most Facebook posts are about trending ideas, news, and issues. Because most people on Facebook might not have time to go through the post, most individuals posting on the platform tend to use short and concise messages to improve readability. Most posts on Facebook are informal because they are posted on a variety of subjects, and some are about peoples inner feelings about something.

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