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The obesity is a state where an individual has fats in the body that hurt his| her health. In such terms, one is considered to be obese if her |his body weight is at least 20% higher than the average weight. In that case, one is deemed to be overweight if the (BMI) body mass index is in between the range of 25 and 29.9, and he |she is considered to be obese at the BMI of 30 and above (Haggerty, A. F., et al. 2015, 153). The BMI is a statistical measurement that results from your weight and height. Therefore, this topic will entirely cover the obesity, its argument, and analysis.

In such terms, the reasons that make people obese are as follows Obesity gene, self-perpetuating, medications, lower rates of smoking, Endocrine disruptors, not getting enough sleep, Leading a sedentary lifestyle, and consuming too many calories. Regarding genes, it has been discovered that people with FTO gene variant usually prefer fatty and high energy foods, and eat too much yet taking long to reach to satisfaction while eating (LaBrecque, Douglas R., et al. 2014, 467-473). Medication also contributes a lot to weight gain. For instance, Once an individual has stopped smoking he | she gains weight more. Once the endocrine has been disrupted, it can lead to more weight gain. In conjunction to that, lack of physical exercise and Poorly balanced diets is the key factors in increasing other metabolic diseases and obesity. In that regard, when an individual is not sleeping well he| she has more chances of being obese.

Nowadays people are living a more sedentary life as compared to their grandparents and parents, and this is due to the arrival of modern convenience devices, dishwashers, washing machines, remote controls, video games, computers, and televisions. In that connection, many people have been rendered to be obese due to lack of exercise. People do not want to be tired in any way they only need to live a sedentary life. The more you move around, the higher the number of calories burnt and vice versa (Rivas, Donato, et al. 2015 825-5). Physical activity promotes an individuals healthy as it controls the work of hormones. Physical activity also helps the insulin level by keeping them stable, due to that, the moment the insulin become unstable, it is associated with weight gain. Currently, individuals eat more food than in the previous generation which was the case for the people of developed countries but nowadays it is almost worldwide. In that regard, the majority continue to overeat despite the fact that a lot of money is being used in the awareness campaigns that are encouraging people to eat healthily. The number of consumption of calories has increased hence rendering more people to be obese.

In America, more than two-thirds of adults are obese or overweight. In the United States, the prevalence of obesity has been doubled in the past four decades despite the efforts of the mass educational, public, media, and health profession campaigns about the benefits of increased physical activity, and healthier diets. In that regard, people continue to remain less active in physical exercises and tend to eat larger portion sizes than it should be despite the fact that the abundance of evidence has been shown on the benefits of being physically active and maintaining a healthy weight. The majority of the individuals nowadays are obese which has rendered the healthcare workers to remain in a dilemma state without knowing what kind of advice they can give to their patients as a way of reducing weight, and minimize the risk of obesity (Conner, Blair, et al. 2015, 1036-7). Luckily the organizations such as (NAASO) the North American Association for the Study of Obesity and (ADA) American Diabetes Association are mounting efforts to educate people on how to fight obesity as a major growing epidemic in this country. Therefore patients should make good choices of what they eat and do much of the physical as they can help them health wise. Due to that, successful weight loss results from a combination of health caloric restriction, physical activity, and motivation.

On the other hand, obesity is not a chronic disease as other people do call it because it can be reduced with time through personal commitment of doing more of physical exercises and maintaining good health. To avoid obese individuals need to adhere to the education, they get from the health care providers and other organizations such as (NAASO) the North American Association for the Study of Obesity and (ADA) American Diabetes Association. Obese is a disease which is easier for one to prevent, to reduce in case you have it, hence there is no way it can be called a chronic illness (Song, Mingyang, and Edward Giovannucci, 2016 3237-3239). Not only that, even the chronic diseases which are being said can be changed once a patient is following the instructions by going in for visits, take the medication, monitor the symptoms, follow their exercise program, and modify the diet. Thus if those diseases are chronic and can be mitigated that much what about the obese, it is no longer persistent hence its mitigation is so easy depending on the persons responsibility to motivate herself or himself, and show commitment towards it. In that connection, nowadays the analysis indicates that the number of obese people has an increasing trend. Therefore, people should ensure that they are active about their health matters and do not ignore any advice as a result of reducing the disease of obesity in the country.

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