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How specific are the policy interventions proposed in each platform?

The movement for the black lives agitates for progressive taxation rather than the current retrogressive. The movement argues that the tax policy today makes the poor, the blacks and other people of color to pay the most for services they receive from the government. It, therefore, proposes for tax cuts for the poor, and a proportional increase in the wealthiest and their interests. For instance, increasing tax on capital gains, corporations and other entities will mean the wealthy are paying as much for services. The core purpose is to ensure a reduction in income inequality. The Democrats, on the other hand, argue that trade policies are biased against Americans, and that should immediately change. Most of the trade policies have allowed partners to manipulate currencies to gain competitive advantage, to cut jobs for Americans, and even undermine environmental protection and other social equality issues. It agitates to look for ways to make trade policies fair for everyone, or at least for Americans. China is on the receiving end, and the plan says they must engage ion a level playing field while signing trade deals.

What are the justifications given for the proposed policy interventions?

The movement for black lives is an organization rooting for social equality. It feels the current tax system is unfair to many blacks, underprivileged people of color. Every policy they go ahead to address aim to improve household income for these people. It already states that an average white household is up to 7.5 times more wealthy than that of people of color. Similarly, the underprivileged group, many of the blacks pay more taxes than the whites and other wealthy individuals, as a proportion of their wages or income. The progressive tax system will reduce this, or even better allow the poorer householders to equally just like all others. All these are efforts to make the entire American society equal.

The Democrat's proposal is primarily to protect American jobs, the environment, social justice and many other issues that trade agreement threaten. They argue that most of the trade agreement favor corporations who go ahead to evade taxes, allows companies to cut jobs for Americans and potentially hire foreigners and even pollute the environment without being made to pay. Those are things central to the American well-being, and Democrats are ready to propose policies to curb them.

At what levels of government (local, state, federal) will the proposed policy interventions operate?

The proposed tax policy by the movement of black lives calls for commitment on all levels of government since each has some role to play. The federal government has a role to act of progressive income taxation and corporate taxation. Shift tax expenditures and create wealth tax. The federal governments intervention is critical to the operation of the policies. The state government can act on earned income tax credit, receipts, and sales taxes among several other issues whereas the local government can intervene in property taxes and additional local taxes, apply conservation pricing on utilities where the wealthy pay more than lower-income households. The proposals by the Democrats can only be executed by the federal government; it is the one allowed to negotiate on behalf of American people and their interests with foreign entities. The central government position on taxation, environmental protection employment among other issues are critical to reaching the objectives of the proposal.

What are sets or groups of people mentioned directly in each platform?

The movement for black lives directly mentions low-income people, whom again it directly mentions as being majorly black and other people of color. The article also talks about white people when it compares their wealth with those of black people. Maybe the last class of people the article discusses in detail is the group of wealthy people, whom it accuses of paying taxes disproportional to their incomes. Democrats fair share mentions Americana and the Chinese directly. Americans are people it seeks to protect, while China is the country able to engage in unfair trade policies which disadvantages the United States.

What are 1 or 2 ideological beliefs reflected in each platform?

The movement of black lives core ideology revolves around social justice. The campaign believes in an equal society that is working to improve the status of everyone it. That is why it wants wealthy people to pay more, and low-income people to be spared through government initiated policies. Care to note that some of the services people receive healthcare, water,s image among other are funded by their taxes. Wealthy people do not accept more of this services than others, but somehow the movement wants them to pay more taxes. It also argues more based on the proportional of their income; they may be paying more than low income, only that it will be less compared to their earning.

Democrats are agitating for fair trade policies, which protects American jobs, environment, businesses and many other interests. This ideology is coined from the threat their agreements are posing to those issues. China is known for manipulating its currency to gain competitive advantage and also greed American corporates are exploiting trade agreements to cut American jobs and increase foreign workers, just to capitalize on wages and other things they wouldnt be obliged to do. The Democrats want a society where everyone, everything is safe within the precincts of the trade deal.


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