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2.  When was the document created?

In the year 1838 when the removal of Cherokees took place3. Who is the author (or creator) of the document?

Representative of the Cherokees

4. In your own words, please summarize the document. What was the authors main claim? What evidence did the author present to support the claim(s)?

In the year 1838 and 1839, the state of Georgia prompted the removal of the Cherokee Indians from their original homeland which was located in the South East. Their removal was a result of the high demand of land during the rampant growth of agriculture in the southeast area. The people of Cherokee resisted their removal from their ancestral land.

The main claim of the author is that the Cherokee government constituted of a nation that was sovereign and was independent of the federal governments and the American state. According to the author, it was their right to remain in the land without molestation or any form of interruption.

The author gives the evidence of the laws of the United States and the treaties that they held which guaranteed them their residency, privileges and protected them against any intruders.

5. What words or phrases from the document grab your attention? Why?

The word treaty refers grabs my attention in this document as it refers to an arrangement or agreement that has been agreed upon after a given negotiation between two or more political authorities such as states or sovereigns. There is an agreement that was existing between the Cherokee and the laws of the United States for them to reside in that particular place but the treaty was being violated.

The word independence as well grabs my attention since it refers to the condition in which the residents of a given state, country or nation are sovereign and exercises self-government their territory and Cherokee being an independent state their territory is being invaded which is a violation of their rights.

6. Who was the intended audience for the document?

The government of the United States

7. Why do you think the document was written?

It was written to pass the message to the government of the United States that the Cherokee people had the legal right of living in their ancestral land without being disturbed by the encroachments of their citizens. To pass the message that it was the obligation of the government to protect them without violating their independence and if they did so they would help in uniting several tribes.

8. What do you think the document tells us about life in the United States at the time it was written?

Life in the United States during this period was hard due to the discrimination that was taking place. People were being discriminated depending on their tribe. This document passes the information that the government officials were contributing towards the division of the people and people were not being treated equally. Laws in the United States were not being respected and implemented despite them being formulated to protect the people.


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