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What did we say was the picture of the average colonist during the early colonial period?

The average colonists in almost all aspects of life had achieved a very good lifestyle even about the mature society and even to the economies of the Western Europe. However, these people had not balanced the economies of their life across the social ladder as one might think.

Why did we say people willingly go to America even though they knew it was going to be difficult?

Many people move to America due to the unstable rising economy and also poverty and inflation. They, therefore, went to America to seek various and new sources of economic prosperity in the so-called new world. Some of the other reasons for moving to America was the religious freedom which was mainly observed towards the colonist who wanted to spread their religions such as the pilgrims and also the Puritans.

What contributed to the large families in t5he colonial America?

Some of the factors which contributed to the large families in the colonial America are, the parents believed that some children would die. They expected some children to die and thus most families were over seven to ten children. Another factor is that the courtship period included bed sharing and this also initiated early pregnancy leading to high population rate.

What did we say was important about the large families in the colonial America?

The main importance of the large families in the colonial America was the job output. Most of the farmers in the colonial families had a large families more than seven children, and this increases the labor output.

We saw that most women turn to prostitution after completing their indentured servitude. What did we say contribute to this?

The rate of prostitution increased in the women sector, and this was mainly contributed to by the high rate of poverty, and therefore many women used this as a means of income to sustain themselves.

We saw that women were the most religious in the colonial America. What two factors did we say contributed to this?

The two main factors, which leads to the women being the most religious in the latin America, are :Women were considered to be loyal, and therefore they had no otherwise but to obey all the religious and therefore from their innocently of following the rules of religion made them be seen as the most religious in the society.

Women were also considered to be taking the religious laws positively as compared to men and therefore they had to be seen to more religious.

What important conclusion was drawn from the southern economy?

The southern economy concentrated and drawn most of their economic recourses from agriculture and mainly plantation of various cash crops which they used for export. They were also involved in the slave trade, which also leads to the increase of their economic status due to the provision of the cheap labor.

How did New England go about colonizing its territory and what was peculiar about it?

The New England colonized its territory through the various colonial war which leads to bloodshed and the most peculiar thing about it is that they managed it through even removing all their famous leaders in power.

What was the triangular trade and what did we say was important about?

The triangular trade was the transatlantic slave trade, which occurred during the early 16th century to the late 19th century.

The Salem witch trial was centered on hype and accusation. What did we say was important about the puritan culture and the witch trial?

The main importance of the puritan culture is that they believe that family the foundational unity of the god's plan and society and therefore they brought very stable and law-abiding families in the society.

11. What did we say was important about the colonial population by the 1700s?

In early 1700 the colonial population had greatly increased, resulting in political consequences. By 1700 there only existed twenty English teaching subjects for each American colonist, but after 1700 the English quench in numbers had reducedsetting the stage for a sudden shift in the balance of colonial power.

12. . What were the four factors that made colonizing New France difficult?

New France had technology, such as guns, to overpower the colonial powers

New France had a stable economy. Hence they were ready to avoid the colonizers for a long time.

New France enjoyed stable political times thereby resisting the colonizers.

The country was united and stood strong in doctrinal aspects

13. What was the advantage of New France's difficulties and what was the consequence?


New France was able to determine their strength in warDisadvantages

It leads to loss of life due to the wars witnessed

It weakened the country's economic state

14. What is mercantilism?

Mercantilism was defined as the type of the economic policy which was designed to ensure in the maximization of the trade and also to maximize the profit gain.

What were the four ways the colonies supported the mercantilism?

The four ways include:

Provision of cheap labor through the use of the slaves to provide human labor.

Increasing the rate of production and exportation of the products mainly silver and copper

Through the use of improved machines to enhance faster production.

Why did Massachusetts's Bay, over other colonies, rebel so hard against the Navigation Acts?

They rebel so had against the navigation act because the navigation act suggested that only the England ships would be allowed to bring goods into England and therefore the navigation act was not anyway recommended.

What was the Crown's response to Massachusetts's Bay's refusal to enforce the Navigation Acts?

The response towards the navigation act was that it was not proper and was not in any way allowed and this finally leads to the American Revolution.

18. What happened under King's George I & II and what was important about it?

During Georges reign, powers of the monarchy were diminished, and Britain began a transition into the modern system of cabinet led by a prime minister. This led to devolution power thereby increased democracy.

19. What four Acts occurred under King George III and why were they enacted?

the Sugar Act of 1764

the Stamp Act in 1765

Declaratory Act in 1766

Royal Marriages Act

These acts were passed to aid in revolution

20. Why did we say that the colonists were so aggressive with British Soldiers?

The colonists objected the need of standing armies that prevented their smooth conquering quest.

21. Why did we say that George III rejected the colonial "olive branch" and what was significant about it?

It appealed directly to king George. Hence he rejected it.The better part is that the olive branch" expressed greater hope towards reconciling the colonies and the Great Britain.

What were the five mistakes made by the British early on during the revolution?

The five main mistakes include, training the American on the fighting skills which later become their main defense against the colonies, poor administering which leads to rebels and thus call for change,

What were the three major pieces of mobilizing the colonies to go for war and what made them difficult to achieve?

There were several methods of mobilizing the colonies to go for war and what made them so difficult to achieve was lack of cooperation and also poor management of resources and at the same time high pressure from the colonial power.

The failure of the continental army to reign the new York army lead to two important decisions?

The two decision includes the, it leads to weakening of the continental army, and thus thy were not in a position to manage the revolution process which was at its peak at the moment.

What were the two major gambles made by Washington early in the conflict?

The trapping of the Cornwallis and the encampment of the Hudson.

26. What did we say were the three common difficulties the continental army faced every winter?The army met severe weather conditions as they slowly cross the Delaware River in snow, wind, hail, and rain.

The troops encamped at Valley Forge at the continental capital city that had been taken over by the British.

27. What were the three groups during the revolution?

The northern, central and southern Britain

28. What sudden change was made by the British that turned the tide of the war?Appointment of General Charles Cornwallis to be in charge of pacification.

29. Why did we say the French got involved in the war?

France wanted to revenge and to ensure Britain is kept from becoming too powerful

30. What were the conditions of France's involvement in the war? There was the belief by the French army that the American army was in one way or the other running out of time because it lost men and therefore the ability to remain adequately supplied the war was to take much longer.





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