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As noted in the presentation, Dr. Steven H. Woolf explores various health issues that are experienced by the broader American society. One of these issues is the Obesity, which Woolf mentions that affects a tremendous part of the U.S. population. Fundamentally, the cost of obesity epidemic is huge, and significantly emerges as one of the leading causes of deaths in the United States, behind smoking. The condition also carries with it a substantial number of the related conditions such as the Diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, certain type of cancers and arthritis (Flegal et al. 2010). As Woolf mentions, the public care towards obesity should not be observed as simply an objective of reducing body weight, but as an improvement of overall health and life quality.

There is no single or simple solution to the obesity epidemic. Obesity is a complex issue and has to be addressed through multifaceted approach (Flegal et al. 2010). Various agencies such as the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), United States Department of Human and Health Services (HHS) and Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) are some of the leading agencies that can help address and solve the issue of Obesity in the U.S. Notably, it is critically significant for the policymakers to define the problem correctly the designed solutions can meet their intended goals.

The primary way to deal with Obesity epidemic is through the promotion of a patient dignity and personal responsibility (Flegal et al. 2010). This move should focus on making the patients the central objective of the various efforts aimed at improving the healthcare. These agencies can also initiate community and school programs and initiatives that are focused towards supporting healthy eating and active living in different settings. Conceivably, such communities should be encouraged to provide safe and inviting parks, sidewalks, and parks which are aimed at encouraging physical activities.

According to Barr (2014), various factors should however be considered when addressing Obesity issue. Social determinants of health such as the socio-economic status of the people affected. For example, children or individual from poor families face many challenges such as acquiring the right type of diet, and other nutritional food as compared to their counterparts from wealthy households. In this case, a substantial disparity exists between these two groups of individuals. The CDC, HHS and OAC should all take this factor into consideration in the process of addressing and providing solution to the Obesity epidemic.


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