History Essay Samples: The Invention of Cell Phones in America and the American War of Independence

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The Revolutionary War also known as the American War of Independence was a war which began between the Great Britain and thirteen colonies which ended up declaring their independence as the United States of America. The war happened between 1775  1783 and this was after the growing differences in philosophical and political differences between the Great Britain and the thirteen Colonies. This resulted in protests and boycotts by the colonies due to high taxation and with no representation and the continued boycotts led to the Sons of Liberty destroying a shipment of tea in Boston Harbor. This lead to the response by Britain and they closed down the Boston Harbor and passed serious punitive measures to the colonies. This led to the response of the colonies by forming a shadow government, twelve of the colonies formed the Continental Congress which they used to coordinate their resistance against Great Britain rule.

Attempts by the British to disarm the colonies led to the April 1775 open combat. Out of this war the colonies managed to take control over Boston and forced the British to evacuate, all this happened in March 1776 hence the appointment of George Washington to command the Continental Army.as the war continued allies were formed such as France joining the war in 1778 as well as Spain joining the war but not as an American ally. The war came to an end with the fall of Charles Cornwallis and in September 1783 the Belligerent parties signed a treaty in Paris with the British which showed the agreement of Britain to recognize the sovereignty of the United States and formally stopped the American Revolutionary War.

Piehler, G. Kurt. Remembering war, the American way. Smithsonian Institution, 2014.

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The Invention of Cell Phones in America


Martin Cooper, an American engineer, was the pioneer of cell phones and was of the American origin born on December 26th, 1928 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. In April 3rd, 1973 Cooper being a senior engineer at Motorola called on of the rival telecommunication companies back then and proudly informed them that he was using a mobile phone to place the call. The cell phone copper was using back then was one big gadget which weighed approximately 1.1kg. the measurements being 228.6 * 127 * 44.4 mm. With the prototype, the users had 30minutes of talk time and took more than 10 hours to get the cell phone recharged. The mobile phone was not released then but Motorola released it later in 1983 for commercial mobile phones. It was referred to as Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. It had 30 minutes of talk time, stored 30 phone numbers and it cost a lot of money back then it was sold at $3995. The cell phone was not designed for the common citizen but for the busy businessmen who could afford Jas and flew Concords hence the class which had the chance to access the phone was very small.

Over time we have seen technology change from then till today where we have almost everyone owning a phone and not 1.1kg. The technology has seen to it that cell phones have become part of humans needs for all kinds of communication. Here in the US research shows that among every group of ten people you encounterable nine own mobile phones out of the ten. The number of things the mobile phones can accomplish apart from communication continue increasing. The rate at which these changes in cell phone have changed shows the need to expect more from the future.

Agar, Jon. Constant touch: A global history of the mobile phone. Icon Books Ltd, 2013.

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