Essay on the Factors of External and Internal Environments for McDonald's and Heinz

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Question 1: name the factors of the internal environment of both McDonalds and Heinz

The factors of the internal environment of both McDonald's and Heinz can be analyzed using the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, And Threats (SWOT). Regarding Strength, both enterprises possess strong worldly presence with McDonald's is regarded as a market frontrunner both domestically and internally. The enterprises are also internal brands owning up to 30,000 outlets that serve in 122 countries with about 15,000 restaurants being located in the United States. With weaknesses, the enterprises utilize advertisement which in most cases they target kids, they have a high worker turnover, and they are yet to embrace the idea of going for the trending organic foods. With opportunities, the enterprises acclimatize to the needs of the community and always undergoing an innovative line of production. They form new product offerings and utilize mobile messages to give services that please consumers of their products.

Question 2: name factors of both external environments for both enterprises

McDonald's is a fast food industry that contains franchisees in the universe which attends to millions of individuals daily. The business possesses a high brand image courtesy of its services that are quick as well as foods of high quality plus knowledgeable management. External environment for both enterprises comprises of the opportunities and threats. The external environment involves both micro and macro environment. In this case, the microenvironment of both operations entails the analysis of the businesses as well as the competition whereas the macro ones consist of Political, Economic, Social, Technological, and Legal Environmental (PESTEL) analysis. Three things have seen McDonald succeed in its businesses; these are diversity, ethics, and globalization.

Question3: what would you do if you were McDonalds CEO in this case?

If I were McDonald's CEO, I would, first of all, properly treat my employees by making sure every one of the employees is given an appropriate training to suit the task. As the CEO, I would also understand staff member and I would not be favoring any member; upon assigning the tasks, I would ask employees to speak for themselves if a certain day works best for them before scheduling. Another thing that I would do if I were the CEO is that I would strive to give management positions to those who are up to the task and those who know what they are supposed to do. I would ensure that always a first kit is available in full measure just in case anything happens. I would also keep the environment at McDonald's as clean as possible. If I were a CEO at McDonalds also ensure a healthy work environment is adhered to and that workers are paid well and given incentives for the job well done. Another thing I would do on the side of management is that I would engage new managers and management team as well as workers who are willing to work towards achieving the common strategic goal of the organization. I will also ensure managers and employees act as professionals every time of the day. In the wake of ensuring that customers to the hotel are better served and their needs addressed satisfactorily, I as a CEO, I will leverage ways above other restaurants in applying contingency policies to maximize output.


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