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I believe that personality tests are easy to fake and are its possible to provide results that do not reflect the personality traits of a person. The employees are aware that the results would be used to either hire them or deny them a chance to work in that organization. As such, they will want to present the best version of themselves instead of how they are in a real sense. Some, in fact, will give answers based on where they would like to be at after a series of changes in their lives. Most of the available lacks validity which is an important aspect that would ensure that the results obtained are accurate. Additionally, some employers used some personality tests for the wrong reasons. For instance, using the tests designed specifically for job improvement to aid in the hiring process. If my employer gave me a personality test, I would fake it to make me the most suitable person. To make me the most appropriate candidate, I would do an analysis of the company to know the traits which would be most relevant. After that, I would aim at developing that traits more as they would play out in the workplace once I am hired. Notably, employees are tempted to present the best qualities although their occurrence and inculcation in behavior are minimal such that the results end up as subjective.

It is possible for the interviewers to custom make the interview such that they will collect data that is appropriate to help that go deeper in knowing the persons capability, experiences, and skills. This second phase of the process will only be a possibility if the tests are used for the same objective they were formulated. Questions that limit the optimism bias of an individual are essential as they will present relevant information. Such tests would need to be carefully selected to ensure that they present a real situation and not a politically correct statement of what a person would love to hear. However, it would be difficult to use the results unless the validity aspect is consistent in the tests. Moreover, the results obtained from the personality tests are subject to change as the definition and understanding of a persons character are mostly situational based. While an individual may answer positively for a particular question today, when asked the same question tomorrow, it is possible to have a slight change in the answer.

Working in my retail business, I would hire employees who show adaptability, excellent social skills, professionalism and appropriate communication skills. I would use personality tests that have whose validity claims are scientifically proven. Further, I would tailor my questions in a way that they will increase accuracy by presenting a realistic approach. For example, when asking the prospective employees about creativity, I would not just ask them are you a creative person? but rather I will ask a question that shows indeed they are creative. A question like, do you use the same route while going to work? It would be hard for the employees to predict what I am looking for in such a question such that they will give a more honest answer than a direct question. Issues like communication and professionalism would be tested on the actual day they come for the interview or some time before like based on their communication during an official phone call. Such a natural scenario would give a more accurate answer about their communication skills.

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