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For a long period of time the Americans directed their focus towards their enlightenment, rights and a properly constituted and functioning government. After the end of the revolutionary war, a perfect chance presented itself for them to fulfill their dream; creation of a government where hard work and talent are appreciated as opposed to the colonial hereditary system. They succeeded in creating a formal political process by including more men in politics. While the whites seemed to have won a lottery, the story was different for African Americans, women and Native Americans.

For an enlightened government to prosper, the men in leadership positions had to be well educated. As a result of this the concept of republican motherhood was born. The role of mothers was elevated by this concept as they were obligated to teach the American children. In order to perform this task, the women themselves needed to be schooled properly. As a result educational opportunities were expanded for girls. The education they obtained enabled them to tutor their sons on bible teachings, republican virtues and other classical subject. After the war, all the genders were equalized; in the absence of their husbands, the women were allowed to run homes, farms and businesses. In as much as the women served as nurses, spies and eventually joined the fight, they were not granted legal rights. A case is reported about Abigail Adams and her husband John. He used to consult her on several issues. She was disappointed when she asked him to push for womens rights in congress. Instead of taking up the issue, he scoffed her insinuating that women would put men under despotism of the petticoat.

African Americans had hopes that the new system of government would take care of their rights and defend them appropriately. They were mistaken as it would take approximately eighty years before slave trade could be abolished by the constitution. However the seeds had been planted and were taking root in the society. In the year 1784, a policy was initiated in Rhode Island towards emancipation of African Americans. The other northern states joined in the fight having received motivation from Rhode Island. The constantly reducing tobacco profits in the South led to large-scale emancipation since farmers like George Washington shifted to crops that required less labor, such as wheat. During the war, the blacks started abolitionist movement to fight for their rights. They were lucky to receive support from some white people, especially Quakers. Other institutions started sprouting to fight for the social needs and rights of the free African Americans. Black church movement was the most widespread and long lasting. Richard Allen after securing his freedom became a minister in the Methodist church. In his position he was able to bring black people together and enlighten them.

The Native Americans gave their support to the British government through their confederacy that had lasted for over three hundred years. When the Iroquois Confederacy abruptly ended, their members were driven away to Canada. After this peace talks were held but the Britons went alone, completely ignoring the interests of the Native Americans. The Royal Proclamation of 1763, forbidden the settlement of Americans on the west side of the Appalachian Mountains. The Treaty of Paris overruled this and gave all rights to the new United States. The whites started pouring in not minding the interests of the natives who felt betrayed.

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