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Nursing is a great career and profession that has multiple career paths, flexible work schedules, and job security. I became interested in nursing because of my mother's role as a nurse, and the dedication she possesses in managing care for patients.

What career paths does nursing provide? Individuals obtaining an Associate Degree in Nursing will prepare them as entry-level nurses, where they will gain experience to further their career in achieving their Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. They can even go on and become an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner and have their practice. Whatever path they chose, they will be sure to have a rewarding career.

What are advantages of a flexible work schedule? The advantages of a flexible work schedule include increased employee morale, reduced turnover of valued staff, and reduced absenteeism. Flexibility in the workplace allows more time to spend with family and friends. It also allows better patient satisfaction and fewer instances of burnout, which could result in fewer injuries on the job.

Nursing provides personal satisfaction by availing opportunities to make significant differences in people's daily lives. The nursing career is interesting since nurses' experiences challenges on a daily basis and some are unique, interesting and rewarding. The nursing profession will, therefore, avail cast opportunities important for life learning experiences. It also provides personal satisfaction in addition to growth which helps in contributing more to the society. Pursuing nursing profession also leads to the achievement of career mobility. The nursing field is flexible and one can choose from a wide range of career paths. For instance, an individual can choose to work with different set of clients such as children, schools, adults and public healthcare organizations among others. In the present, there are virtually unlimited opportunities an individual can pursue. A combination of improving healthcare technology and rapidly increasing population can enable nurses to work in a wide range of environments and settings. These environments and settings included healthcare hospitals and clinics and home cares among others.

Another reason to becoming a nurse is the job security associated with the nursing profession. There are a substantial shortage of nurses in the United States and one would need not to worry about finding an appropriate career option after completion of studies. The nursing career is one of the fastest growing fields which is rewarding both emotionally and financially. It is the kind of career someone can enjoy for years while encountering opportunities for advancement. The aspects of this career are quite interesting and can be favorable for someone interested in serving the community and bettering their life. It is important to note that despite the many benefits of the nursing profession, there are also some challenges although the benefits outweigh the challenges.

Essay Outline

First paragraph: Introduction

Second paragraph: Nursing provides diverse career paths

Third paragraph: Flexibility in nursing career

Fourth paragraph: Personal satisfaction and career mobility

Fifth paragraph: Job security and career growth

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