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This essay is about Robert Stethem who was a US Navy Sailor Diver/Steelworker. The topics that will be covered will range from Roberts early years in life to the day of his death and also will discuss the events that took place during the date of his death. The essay will also look into what led to his ultimate demise and acknowledge as well as honor Robert Stethems actions.

Robert Stethem was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, on 17th November 1961. Stethem graduated from Thomas Stone High School in 1980 and shortly after that he enlisted in the United States Navy on May 4th, 1981, shortly after high school. Stethem became a Steelworker for the US Navy and was assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 62 in Gulfport, MS and later down into his military career he became a 2nd Class Navy Diver for the Navy's Underwater Construction Team One. It was as a result of the commitment that he showed in his work.

On 14th June, 1985 as Robert Stethem was returning from an assignment traveling via air from Nea Makri, Greece aboard TWA Flight 847; there were four known terrorists. These terrorists were members of Lebanese pro-Iranian organization Hezbollah that hijacked the TWA Flight 847. These terrorists held 39 flight members hostage for 17 days for the exchange of 766 Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners that had been held in custody in Israel. After they had noticed that their demands were not going to be met, they turned and targeted Robert Stethem. It is because he had been enlisted into the US military. They began to attack him to the extent of killing him brutally.

Robert Stethem was recognized and had received various awards, as well as numerous decorations. He earned a Purple Heart posthumously. He also received a military award for those who had been wounded or killed in action while serving. Stethem also earned the Bronze Star Metal, a metal that is obtained by those who have committed heroic service, heroic achievement, meritorious service, or meritorious achievement in combat. He was also honorably promoted posthumously to Master Chief Construction man. It was ordered by the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy himself. And last but not least he was entitled the Prisoner of War. Stethem's family accepted all these rewards.

Many articles that surface about Robert Stethem bestow him on earning the title of a hero because he put the lives of others before his life and paid the ultimate sacrifice and many would agree on the titles and awards Stethem has earned to the fullest extent. There are a lot of individuals who would not do such courageous acts in the name of helping others. On the other hand, there are a lot of individuals whom strive to become such icons such as Robert Stethem himself. No one has to be perfect so as to be remembered forever. To be remembered as a hero it requires one to act, and that first step is what scares the majority .The courageous men and women who took that initial step will forever be remembered in history since it changed history, hopefully, for the best of man.


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