Educating Executives in AlJenaibi International Automobiles on the Use of Decision-making Systems Software

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Decision-making systems software are currently becoming useful in many organizations in the field of business in making decisions that affect their firms. This software is being in use depending on the type of business that you are being involved in. Al Jenaibi International Automobiles LLC, being a company that imports top range vehicles from Europe and America and then sells the same vehicles to the people of Middle East, should train and educate their executive in using the decision-making software in the running of a company. Decision making is an important aspect of every business and investment; an investment decision can make a difference between a possible loss and a possible win (Ibrahim et al., 2017). The profitability of a business and a business idea will vary from time to time depending on the prevailing economic environment. Good investment decisions lead to more return on capital and success of the business. Investment decisions should, therefore, never be made in a hurry or using intuition. Rational decision making is the best approach to make a decision because it takes consideration of further facts regarding the situation (Asadi, Fazlollahtaba, and Shirazi, 2015).

The executives in these company will be able to make decisions that are well informed and at an ease without having much to think about. These decision-making systems will help the executives in facilitating the learning of new concepts and a good development in the understanding of the business and environment for decision-making (Asadi, Fazlollahtaba, and Shirazi, 2015). The key purpose of this paper is to evaluate the operations and the project management in training of AlJenaibi International Automobiles LLC on the use of decision-making systems software. In relation to the project management, it will also discuss on how to go about the project and give a breakdown on how to handle the project.

The project team and their roles

A project team contains three people who are the team leader, member, and the contributor. The team leader provides leadership of the team reward systems and motivation (Project Management Certification, 2017). The members are the people who follow the team leader and they are responsible for working on the different tasks in the team. Lastly are contributors, they are the experts who provide advice to the team leaders and the members. To become flawless, and remain the best business, requires a business management system to offers best services and products to the market. AlJenaibi International Automobiles LLC manager should control and monitor the performance level of the organization pinpointing unconventionality and deviancies between scheduled and the current achieved results and implementing counteractive actions where necessary. With all these implementations of business management, if followed AlJenaibi International Automobiles LLC will appropriately be profitably run and will have few obstacles towards the achievement of its goals. For a business to develop it requires being more than an assortment of societies, business practices as well as physical resources. AlJenaibi International Automobiles LLC stakeholders, physical resources, and developments should be intersected structure to improve the long-term presentation and competence of the company to make its products and services satisfactory to their customers (Gorman et al., 2017).

Project stages and key deliverables

The project uses the 4D Project Management format an acronym standing for Define, Design, Develop and Deliver. This is because it is very simple and very clear to follow. According to Changing Minds (2016), the 4D methodology gives the project manager a total control over the objectives and in the delivering of an outstanding project that is productive and is of high quality. In addition, it gives a deep understanding of the factors that will influence the project success.


Al Jenaibi International Automobiles LLC is a company that the main objective is to sell their Automobiles products and grow widely and beyond the Middle East. The executives in this company being able to use a software in decision making will assist them in decision making on how to expand the business (Woodman, Sharp & Ince, 1993). This is because the software can be used in making most of the business decision that will be more accurate compared to human thinking. In addition, the software will help in achieving the goals of the company by coming up with new concepts and business idea especially on how to defeat their competitors.


The project shall analyze and have a plan to achieve the objectives in relation to giving the time required, preparing a timetable, which shall intervene the cycle of events, and identify the constraints and dependencies of the project (Kerzner, 2017). An action that is most appropriate in adding the values to the working relationships between the workers and the executives shall be maintained by ensuring the decisions made favor both parties. The project will meet its own objectives that are well stated in meeting Al Jenaibi International Automobiles LLC needs.


In order to be able to meet the needs of Al Jenaibi International Automobiles LLC, the executives will review the functions of the project after its functions are coded and unit confirmed. All activities that involve the program will be carried out and all responses timely made. At the completion of develop stage, Al Jenaibi International Automobiles LLC the executives will all be learned and have a full understanding of how to use decision making systems software.


When the executives learn how to use this program, it will have a positive impact on the organization since it will bring success. This can be seen by measuring the outcomes of the project against its objectives (The Happy Manager, 2017). Through re-alignment and reviewing the project, the organization will meet its overall goals and objectives.

Risk register

In business developments, risks lurk at every single turn, competitor inventions that creep up the feasibility of company products and services, innovative companies in the market, opposing developments in product prices or even fluctuating interest rates. All these disruptions should be impacted through risk management. Risk management comprises categorizing, examining, and implementing steps to lessen or eradicate the exposures to damage, the practice of risk management make use of several management tools and practices like insurance, to regulated and cover a wide variety of risks. Every company faces uncertainties, some of which are expectable and under management's regulation, while others which are irregular and irrepressible. Al Jenaibi International Automobiles LLC should employ a full-time risk executive to pinpoint risks and take essential steps to safeguard the firm against them.

This section should identify the project risks and the team members should solve with appropriate mitigation plans so that all risks are analyzed. Some of the risks in teaching executives on how to use decision-making software are; cost risk this is a typical escalation of the project cost which can due to poor estimation of the cost. Another risk is the schedule risk; the activities may take longer than expected. This can be the due increase of the cost, the understanding of executives on how to use the software, and the slippage of the planned schedule in time of delivering the content. Lastly is the performance risk, the risk is that the project may fail to produce results that are consistent with the planning and objectives of the project (Gerasimov et al., 2017).

In order, to overcome this risks the management of the organization should ensure that they have kept aside enough money to avoid such scenarios. Enough money will ensure that the project has enough fund and the project team are not having any problems with their payment (Project Management Institute, 2017). Also, the team manager should have a good estimation cost to make sure there are no future problems of money shortage in the project. The team leader should have a well-planned schedule that is precise and favors every project member (Wideman, 1992). This will avoid absenteeism during the delivering of the project avoiding creating a catch-up time for those who missed the activity. Every member of the executive should be well prepared to receive the content to ensure that the program does not delay. The performance risk should be avoided by creating objectives and aims of the project that are easy to achieve. It is also the duty of the management to work hand in hand with the project manager to ensure that the project has become a success.

Project time management

Decision-making softwares are computer applications that are used by organizations to help individuals and organizations in making decisions and choices. The system typically works by ranking, prioritizing or sometimes to choose from some options. Some of the key areas in an organization where decision-making software is applicable are the project time management and budgeting. Project time management can be defined as the planning, organizing monitoring and controlling all aspect of projects to achieve an organizational objective (Langer, 2016). Some of the project time management softwares include; work break down structure, activity list, network diagram, critical path and Gantt chart in MS projects. Work break down structure is usually a method of getting complex work in a project done. It is usually used to divide and also to conquer major projects so that one can get things done faster and more efficient. A work break down structure is commonly used at the beginning of a project. Managers and executives used it in defining the project scope, organization schedules and estimation of cost. It is usually family tree that comprises of phase, task, and activities in an organization. In light of this, project managers will use work breakdown structure to divide projects into manageable work packets (Siami-Irdemoosa, 2015).

The second component of project management software is the activity list. Activity list comprises of the activities that an organization will engage in during the projects. Organizations are usually advised to have a detailed description of each event that an organization is undertaking. The activity list is also essential since it provides the role that will be played by various personnel in an organization. Gantt charts are equally essential tools in decision making. When setting up a grant chart, one is supposed to think of all the task that is involved in given project. Apart from task identification, the chart also points out who will be responsible for the function stipulate and how long each take is supposed to take. In project management, the Gantt chart also helps in working out some of the practical aspects such as the minimum time that a given project can take. Finally, the charts can be used to keep both the team and the sponsors informed on the progress of the project. The figure below is an example of a grant chart

A project will usually comprise of multiple activities. However, some events could be more important than others and as such, could require more priority. To identify activities that are more urgent one need to use critical path. Through the identification of essential activities, an organization, therefore, uses it to create project schedules.

Budget (cost)

Another software used in decision making is the budgeting software. A budgeting software is typically used by the finance professional to help in performing accounting task. The budget...

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