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Dr Shouldice's treatment method was unique and well-known for its faultlessness in the operation of a hernia because he developed outstanding surgical skills. At Shouldice, the aspect of value is incorporated in every development they engage themselves. It provides different services on an outward appearance of general practitioners, the dedication of its employees as well as an all-inclusive environment that help its outpatients with quick healing. Regardless of having extremely few associates who helped him in the business, Dr Shouldice was still in a position to engage himself in more convoluted surgical operations; he was even called up to provide his services in cases where other medical doctors and surgeons were unable to conduct surgical operations. The success of his firm can be accredited to his diligence in managing capacity management, drafting detailed plans as well as developing an accurate forecast that enabled him to improve and develop his business in spite of having a small hospital. The ambience generated at Shouldice is also one of the exceptional value-adding elements. It has two unique facilities they are the hospital and private clinic that is situated inside the hospital.    For any venture to find out whether their business enterprise has achieved its maximum potential, the business should regularly monitor its primary plans or strategies along with the customer reports as well as the financial data of the existing resources.

Business ventures that that keep great statistical accounts depend on their data and analysis to power them usually make the paramount decisions which typically help the business to achieve development goals and objectives. Alternatively, some new ventures may desire international development, business localities across the world, while others may only desire to achieve internal business development with innovative and pioneering merchandise or services within their existing environment. The main strategy as when to stop developing the business has knowledge on the development and achievements the business has designed to startup with; this is supposed to be listed in the venture plan, which should be evaluated and adjusted when necessary.

3. Demographic representation of Shouldice patients in relation to the target-market demographic elements will improve the success of the start-up?

1 . Age

Shouldice patients are mainly hernia patients from diverse ages, but a majority are senior citizens and babies because Hernia only affects people with weak surrounding tissue of the body organs. The age demographics of Shouldice patients can be established through the assessment of the main conditions that are treated in Shouldice hospital. Therefore, it can be concluded that approximately 75 percent of the patients treated for Hernia condition in Shouldice Hospital are senior citizens and infants (Subramanian et al., 2016).

2. Overall health

In most cases, the patients that are treated in Shouldice Hospital are in good health while others have coexisting and preexisting conditions that are attributed to the development of a hernia. A hernia refers to a condition that is caused by body muscle weakness and strain due to body nervous tension incidents such as an accident. This condition frequently occurs in the chest and hip regions. In several cases, it shows no or very few signs, though you may detect some swelling swellings on your body. Therefore, the overall health of patients suffering from a hernia is perceived useful due to the existing conditions that help in improving the health status of the patient which contribute to making the body tissues and muscles more strong thus making the tissue walls to hold in the body organs. Shouldice Hospital also operates on patients that have been involved in accidents and previous defective surgeries that resulted in a hernia. Pregnant women are also at the risk of suffering from a hernia and also the practice of carrying heavy weights which increase pressure on the tissues surrounding major organs (Subramanian et al., 2016).

A hernia can be operated using open or laparoscopic surgery in the cases when the condition is too painful for alternative treatment approaches like medication and lifestyle change. Open surgery is more invasive and extensive compared to the laparoscopic surgery which is carried out using a tiny camera and miniaturized surgical kit which only uses small incisions without damaging surrounding tissue. 80 percent of patients prefer the laparoscopic surgery because it heals faster and does not restrain the patient from normal life activities

What market demographics will improve the achievement of the business start-up?

The implementation of laparoscopic surgery to treat a hernia especially among expectant women and athletes will be a significant advancement to the success of the start-up. There is a high number of athletes, and pregnant women who suffer from a hernia most of them do not receive any treatment. The start-up will invest more on laparoscopic technology surgery which is less invasive and also carry out hernia education to ensure that patients in the community understand the condition and the best approaches to treat the disease (Kropp, 2008).

4 Mechanisms used by Shouldice to determine a practical limit to economies of scale and metrics monitored to determine the growth of the Hospital ?

In the present day, Shouldice Hospital implements effective strategies on economies of scale to make use of the knowledge, contemporary facilities, in conjunction with the available resources within the Hospital in order run surgical operations in a way that is faultless and devoid of any contradicting issues. The hospital should limit economies of scale if the supply quantity of productivity does not equal the exertion put towards the service provided. Additional, competence is also an exceptional measure of how a particular company is conducting its business activities by evaluating the productivity of the business an organization develops a better understanding on the level of service required.

If Shouldice Hospital must come across any business obstacles in the future, the hospital is supposed to desist from future development. Impending challenges may internally or externally affect the hospital. An example of an external problem would be the innovation of an innovative surgical technique through which patient may decide to go for a different procedure. An example of an internal difficulty would rise if the organization lacked the right knowledge in determining a practical limit to the economies scale, may be a compelling rationale to stop increasing the operations, particularly in the case of unresolved issues. A business startup is supposed to examine and evaluate all production aspects and take a survey to detect any changes in the business operation. The startup should also monitor various improvements or declines in the company gross earnings and revenues. The number of patients calling for surgical operations and their capability to pay for the surgical operations should be the hospital's main concern. The economies of scale measure should carefully scrutinise the number of employees to identify the implemented changes.


Up to this point, Shouldice Hospital has remained productive in the manner at which it conducts its business activities. The hospital provides excellent services to its customers inclusive of its patients; it offers pr...

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