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Culture is a system of knowledge, beliefs, attitude, values, norms, and behavior learned and shared by a group of people. In a macro level, culture encompasses peoples thoughts, their actions, and how they apply life-sustaining factors. Cultural diversity, therefore, emanates from the uniqueness in nature of each culture regarding elements, contexts, and values that distinguish it from others. Hispanic constitute people of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South and Central American or the Spanish origin in the United States. The Latinos, however, descend from the Latin Americans. The combination of the Hispanic and Latino community constitute cultural diversity in the United states.

The Hispanic/Latino culture on religion rests on Catholicism. A Higher percentage of these individuals are Christians with rich spiritual life with higher respect to religious leaders. Baptism is believed and regarded as the dedication of individuals faith to God- a supernatural power who controls their destiny. Hispanic/Latino culture promotes individualistic collections in that the community believes in collective responsibility rather than individualism. Th culture rests on a family with extended family being very important in the development of oneself.

Putting family needs first, treating others warmly and establishing an interpersonal connection by respecting the old and gender. For instance, younger individuals and ladies are advised to avoid eye contact with aged and males. Gender roles are well defined as men are meant to fend for the family, females are expected to maintain purity by remaining a virgin while being long-suffering. Men are the head of the family and sole decision makers. Ladies need not be non-complaints as boys are expected to be strong. Social hierarchy is to be respected. Moral beliefs are enhancing through the expression of disagreements. (UGABeyondtheArch, 2012)

The Hispanic/Latino are described to boasts of diverse cultural traditions ranging from religious practices, gender roles, family structure, attitude towards time, entertainment and leisure and mode of communication. With English being the dominant language. However, acculturation has played a major role in shaping Hispanic/Latino culture. Traditional health beliefs and practices maintain good health results and reward excellent behavior whereas illness is attributed to natural or per natural causes. Their belief on physical illness is thought to be an imbalance between individual and environment. (Smith, 2003).

Political set up in the Hispanic group support the conservative political ideology and thus support republican the Mexican, Dominicans, and Puerto Ricans hinges towards democrats thus maintains greater power since they are the majority. There is an existence of varied dialects which leads to multilingual society as a result of various cultural and ethnic divisions. The culture revolves around various taboos and the accepted code of conducts required of the diverse communities. (Galarraga, Jessica, May 31, 2007).



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