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Enterprise mindset can be understood as the ability to establish a balance between internal specific business interests and the enterprise interests. These two factors are very important as far as a success of a business is concerned. A person who successfully demonstrates an enterprise mindset can be categorized as an enterprise leader. The lessons on theory and application of enterprise mindset have impacted my way of thinking. This paper will critically evaluate enterprise mindset and how it has changed my way of thinking.

According to Mclellan (2013) enterprise mind orients an entrepreneur to consider the entire enterprise in all aspects of decision-making. According to this approach of understanding enterprise, mindset brings a new idea of enterprise architecture where decisions are met through a holistic approach. At a theoretical level, the idea is great but has been described as challenging to uphold when it comes to operation. In enterprises with more complexity, it is hard to align all organizational goals to the interests of the enterprise. It has also been argued that the most corporate incentive structures are driven by the enterprise.

I have established that enterprise mindset is also linked to enterprise leadership. According to Konstantopoulos (2017), an enterprise leader has the capability of understanding an organization as well as the various components that affect the firm. An enterprise leader can well be defined by three critical traits. This leader has a sense of purpose which implies that they are passionate about the goals of their companies. A leader with an enterprise mindset is always used diplomatic, structured and a professional approach to incorporate facts in decision-making. A leader with an enterprise mindset also has a great appetite of unearthing new opportunities to improve their positions and positions of their enterprises.

The ideas of an enterprise mindset imply can lead to perfectionism in running an organization, which may not be practically achievable Cowdrey (2012). However, some of the ideas of enterprise mindset are very beneficial in the actual running of the business. For instance, a manager cannot make decisions without considering the current or emerging trends at the enterprise level. The external factors which in this case are the enterprise factors can affect the prospects of business (Richert-Kazmierska and Lechman, 2014). This may include threats and opportunities within the enterprise. It is important to compare these threats and opportunities with the strengths and weaknesses of an organization. According to Cowdrey (2012), an enterprise mindset will entail self-motivation, confidence, self-awareness, vision oriented and informed risk-taking.

The topic has impacted my thinking in various ways which I believe is a positive step towards the development of an enterprise mind. Initially, I thought that every theoretical aspect could be translated to practical aspect. However, some theoretical aspects only present an ideal situation that cannot be emulated in real-life. For instance, it is impossible to emulate an ideal enterprise mindset. However, I have also understood that these theoretical ideas are enlightening in a sense that the present a wider and complex perspective that trigger the way of thinking of an entrepreneurial mind. For instance, I have established that both internal factors of an organization and external factors of an enterprise are critical in decision-making. It is also evident that an enterprise mindset applies creativity and intelligence in handling these two spheres. The mindset must be accompanied by brevity, passion and great vision.


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