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Article 1: Keeping Up with Bill Gates

Bill Gates is intelligent, ambitious and competitive. He started by writing a version of the BASIC computer language for the Altair which was an idea brought about by his friend. His intelligence can be seen when he decided to develop a language that can make the personal computer accessible to the public. His ambitious nature is seen when he decides to establish Microsoft Corporation. Bill Gates is also very competitive due to his working ethics which he imparted his programmers. The programmers in the corporation would hard to be like Bill Gates this meant they would compete to meet tight deadlines. Bill Gates can be seen as a charismatic leader in the way he encouraged programmers to work.

Article 2: Case Pick Your Coach: Mike Krzyzewski vs. John Wooden

Mike Krzyzewski and late John Wooden were some of the greatest basketball coaches. Their comparison brings the debate of emotional expression against emotional control. Coach K explains that emotional expression is essential since people tend to read the body language before you utter a word. Emotional expression is manifested in the form of facial expression, mannerism, body language, the tone of the voice, mannerism and the look in the eyes. For instance, he explains how interactive empathy can result to positive moods among the team members. Coach Wooden, on the other hand, focuses on emotional control. After an outburst in which he knocked down the coach of opposing team, he decided to control his emotions. He explains that there is need to adopt a stoic, emotionless expression during tournaments.

Article 3: Case: James Parker, Southwest Airlines: Not the Best People but the Right People

James Parker is a former CEO of South West Airlines and one of the greatest leaders. When he was working for the airline, it was one of the best ranked and socially responsible. Parker emphasis on the need to have the right people instead of the best people. The rights people have personalities and attitudes which make them fun and able to embrace the team-based culture. Parker explains that the better the company does at selecting employees, the less time taken in dealing with issues of performance, discipline and discharge issues. He explains that in addition to pays, employees appreciate incentives.

Article 4: Another Meeting? Good. Another Chance to Hear Myself Talk

There have been questions on how people adore meetings or how they hate them. When a question of meetings arises many usually explain the negative perceptions. This is in contrast to the need human beings have for another human contact. There have been cases in which individuals have positive perceive meetings. By nature, human beings needy, cuddlers and hurdlers. Norm Zwail, who the owner of an apparel business processes their affection of meeting. Some individuals like meeting for the things the human contact and interaction while others like them since you can stay busy without doing anything.

Article 5: The Job after Steve Jobs: Tim Cook and Apple

There has been the question of whether Tim Cook can succeed Steve Jobs. A big difference exists between the two personalities. Steve Jobs shadow is seen in the way Apple operates even after his death. Cook is a highly qualified businessman and a better manager in comparison to Steve Jobs. But the work at the Apple has much of Jobs effect to be ignored. Tim at the start of the work at Apple set high expectations such as best price, best delivery and the best of everything. Despite all stakeholders initially supporting Tim Cook, the possibility of his every decision being examined by the current and former employees, investors, executives and Apple consumers was imminent.


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