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Braveship venture is a firm that deals with private equity regarding fund management. It is in the United States, and its primary focus is cinematic entertainments as well as movies based on blockbuster books. It began in January 2016. The organization is in Los Angeles which is in the California state. It is notable that the firm is keen regarding investment hence it does not just invest without making use of techniques so that it can survive in the market. It, therefore, makes use of techniques that ensure that there is a high reduction of risk that is involved as well as returns that are high. The company has its focus on entertainment, and it is specialized on areas such as video games, production of film and even books. Therefore, Braveship is mainly involved in books and entertainment. The leading team that is in the running of the organization is ten people, but there are times when the number can rise to ninety because of the nature of the project that they are undertaking. Regarding the raising of funds to the organization, there is Chatsworth which is always ready to support the organization with at least $1ooM as capital if there is the need for the organization. Along with Chatsworth Securities bank, the publisher of books for Braveship Ventures has a record of selling many books since the organization began. The funds that were raised by July 18th, 2017 through the video developer for the company was 11M dollars without including the work that is in progress. The founder of the organization, Matt Cook, holds a Ph.D. in economics. Hence, he contributes significantly to high expertise level that is required to comprehend as well as operate on private equity ventures across the world. The organization carries out its operation in many parts of the world and not just in the United States because it has a goal of ensuring full profits and it is in line with what many organizations across the world target. The company does not just provide services on fund management only, but also it has a provision for hardware products needed in the field of production of films.

Capital to Be Raised

Regarding raising funds, the organization has been operating for over a year, and within the time span, it has made over $1.5 billion. The primary areas where the team has collected revenue include EA Canada whereby after selling of video games firms and being published on digital businesses almost one billion dollars were raised. There was another $200 million that originated from deals regarding the game franchise with some of those that are known for publishing of games in the whole world. It seems that there is a continuous growth experienced in the entertainment sector as seen from the analysis of the market since the year 2014 whereby 22% target is put by the year 2019 in various areas. Therefore, the capital that is required in figures $100 million by 2019 as compared to $85 billion in 2014. Braveship Ventures has a target of funds over $100 million so that it can make an equity investment in different sectors of the entertainment industry. The sectors are Hollywood as well as AAA video games including other areas. The targeted publisher of these books does not matter if the books are concerned with an aspect of entertainment and are good books for investment.

Strategy of the Fund

The funds for Braveship Ventures have a concentration on three stages which include those that finances, those that create content and those that do distribution. These steps are involved because forming a video until the delivery stage where it can make significant money relies on such stages. Therefore, the money that the organization manages takes part in those stages. Some people argue that organizations may not carry out all these processes including transcription of manuscript, formation and distributing. However, some groups and studios make all the methods outlined (Iskanius, Page & Anbuudayasankar 2010). Braveship Ventures is an organization that does all the described processes. Regarding distribution, the group uses the channel of techniques of promotion such as trailers among others. Private investors are the people who finance films and video games. Braveship Ventures also plays that role to make sure that the whole process can succeed.

Regarding the geographical location, the firm is in Los Angeles, and the primary target is Canada and United States. However, video games and movies get viewed throughout the world hence the company ensures that every location in the world get considered so that there can be a maximum viewing of the projects translating to making a good income by the organization. Also, Braveship Ventures deals with the industry of leisure and entertainment which are industries that have a focus on films, movies as well as video games. It is notable that there is no limitation regarding investment as they increase with dependence on the project that is ongoing. However, they rotate around videos, movies and video games.

Terms of Funds

Braveship Ventures is a company that has requirements just like any other company that deals with investment. These terms and conditions are essential as they ensure that the firm does not face a lot of losses (Helms & Nixon 2010). One of the requirements regarding the funds is that any organization that is looking for Braveship Ventures must be thinking of investing in the sector of production of movies, games, and videos with an IP that is proven. It means that companies that do not deal with the outlined areas and seeks funds from the organization cannot qualify. If a company deals with movie production and video games is a guarantee because they can sell and are also able to do cross-branding. The duration of investment should be four to six years. Regarding the fees, there is a fee for management and the incentive. The management fee is constant and charged 2% while the range for the incentive fee is 8 to 20%. The incentive payments are also hurdle rate. The goal for performance is at 25% IRR. Also, there are some fees chargeable on the money that the firm gets. The least IP that can be committed is $5 million and is known as capital call structure. Those are the main terms and conditions, but there are also other circumstances that may be involved in the process of carrying out operations.

Braveship Ventures Track Record

Since the organization begun, it has achieved a lot for the one year it has been in the market. It has, therefore, become a big name in the entertainment industry. Regarding the production of video games and films, the organization is well-known because of the outstanding work that it has done. One of the major achievements that the firm has done is managing over $78 million as well as proceeding to see of the exiting of five organizations. The team has also managed to sell off four firms that deal with the industry of film production and video games to some of the best producers as well as channels across the globe such as Disney. The organization has also grown since it began achieving a double- digit growth to close to a million in Canada. All these are significant achievements considering that the team could make that within its couple of years since its inception. The organization has also been able to create and adopt films that got rated as the best because of the quality in which they got produced. Because of production of movies and films of high quality, they got watched across the globe; hence it is an achievement for the organization.

Track Record of Individuals

The Track Record of the Producer

The producer has achieved a lot of things that many producers in the entertainment industry have not. Paul Sandberg who is a talented producer has ensured that the cost of production of movies is reduced and increased the output. One of the best achievement s of Paul Sandberg as a producer is that he has produced films that became successful not only in the United States but also in other parts of the world (Jensen, 2015). All the movies that he produced became a hit across the globe which means that they were of high quality hence generating good sales which meant increased profits for the company. He produced three trilogy movies which generated an income of $950 million. The films not only achieved high capital but also, they received a 286% ROI hence got classified as excellent. The Chief Executive Officer Matt Cook has also helped the organization. Apart from being the CEO of the company he has also authored some books which are important in the shaping of the body. Therefore, Matt Cook has contributed significantly to ensure the success of Braveship Ventures. Another significant contributor to the growth and success of the organization is Rob Edgar who has brought over $200 to the company. He is a talented editor, and because of his good editorial work, he has brought a lot of success to the organization.

There is also Howard Donaldson who cannot be left behind when talking of those that have contributed to the team. He has helped the firm to achieve a lot because he was the one behind the making of over $ 1 billion in Canada. David Bell is also another investment team member who has ensured the success of digital marketing for Braveship Ventures. He has experience, and an expert in the field of digital marketing and that is the reason he has been able to contribute a lot in the sector. He can do research hence he can run different investment organizations in the world. Another significant contributor to the growth of the company is Jeff Edward who serves as the Braveship Books director (Jensen, 2015). Another advantage is that he has over twenty years of experience in the sector of directing and that is why he has written several books that have helped Paul Sandberg to produce great movies. The last person who has seen great contributions to the organization is Jon Ferro who is the person behind the strategic plan for the organization. He has also ensured proper management of billions of dollars enabling the company to run smoothly without stress and strain. For the success of any organization, there is need to ensure adequate management of funds and use of minimum resources so that a company can make maximum profit and that has been the work of Jon Ferro.

Background of the Investment Team

Braveship Ventures is an organization that is made up of seven people who have worked with some of the biggest companies in the entertainment industry in the US and across the world. As such they have acquired a lot of experience, and that is why they have been able to achieve a lot of success in the companies that they have worked. Paul Sandberg is one person who has had a lot of experience in the movie and film industry. Because of such experience, he has a good track record, and that makes him the best producer for Braveship Ventures. The Chief Executive Officer for the organization Matt Cook is a talented author who has written a lot of books that a relevant in the sector of producing movies. He carries roles of management in the Braveship Ventures. He is a professional economist and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. Rob Edgar is another leader who has had a lot of experience in the field serving different companies over 20years. He, therefore, contributes a lot for the Braveship Ventures because of such vast expertise in video games. Apart from being experienced in the field, he got recognized with several awards because of the good work that has been doing in the movie and video game industry. With such experience, he is the best for that position within the organization (Nielsen et all 2010). Donaldson is also encountered in the field having worked with different companies for over twenty years and achieving success. He has helped t...

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