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1. Identify and explain the actual freedoms and rights that are granted under the Mississippi Black Code.

The freedmen are given the right to sue any person that offends them. They are also given the right to own properties through purchase and to dispose of the assets in a manner white man could do. They are also given the right to marry and cohabitate within themselves, and they can be presumed to be legal citizens provided they are born there. They are also allowed to enter contracts with the white masters. The contracts exceeding one month must be in writing. Negros are also accorded with the right to be witnesses in civil and criminal cases hence promoting fair trial. The minors who are orphans or whose parents are poor have the right to be apprenticed through the guidance of the courts.

2. When you have explained these freedoms and rights, describe the restrictions that were placed on them to effectively extend the racist doctrines of pre- Civil War slavery?

The right to own property is limited to the extent that no freedman can lease or rent properties or land unless in the cities that are incorporated. The right to marry is also restricted only within the Negros, and it is a felony to marry a white or a white to marry a freedman. Even though they are given the freedom to contract, they cannot end such contracts prematurely without the consent of the master. The restriction is seen to allow room for the oppression of the Negros by their masters. The right to be apprenticed is restricted in that the minor cannot desert the person apprenticing him or her without the consent given.

3. What freedoms are notably denied under the Code?

The Mississippi Back Code is expressly portraying the lack of equality between the freedmen and the whites. There are some properties such as firearms that they cannot own while the whites can own. They are denied the right to association because they cannot associate with the white men freely. They are also deprived of the right to intermarry with the whites as this is depicted as a crime in the code.

4. How does Wilson justify the declaration of war on both legal and moral grounds?

Wilson explains the declaration of war against German government based on several factors. The first legal factor in consideration is that initially there were laws made that were restricting the destruction of see vessels carrying passengers and also those taking the substance of refuge to the pity Belgium people. But the German government did away with such laws and they were destroying everything. The second moral reason is that innocent non-combats and children in addition to women were brutally killed inconsistently to Human rights principles.

5. How does he seek to differentiate American war aims from those of belligerents?

The American objectives of the war are not to bring enmity between the Germans and Americans. Americans, unlike the belligerents, they have the aim to restore the principles of human rights and equality. Their principal aim is to reset the rule of law that eradicates the anarchical system of ruling. They are destined to combat the autocracy system of the ruling that is a major deadlock of human rights operation. They are aiming to create long-lasting peace and justice in the whole world unlike the belligerents.

6. Why does he make careful distinction between the German government and the German people?

He is making the distinction between the German government and their people to show that the war is not against the Germans, but it is against the inhumanity caused by the German government without the peoples participation. He is accusing the German government of making laws without citizens participation. The careful distinction between the two is to outline the major objective of the war declaration.

7. What were the most radical aspects of Longs plan? Did any of his ideas become reality?

The most radical aspects of Long's plan was to reduce the vast rift between the poor and the rich. He wanted the large American wealth held within the few multimillionaires to be distributed to the destitute citizens. He wanted equality in education and lifestyle for all the Americans. He wanted equality in tax system and more so the progressive system where the rich are heavily taxed to cater for the less fortunate. Some of the ideas have been realized as it can be seen in progressive taxing and also the average well-being of American people.

8. Upon whose law did Long base his ideas? Do you think this assertion increased or diminished support for his ideas?

Long based his ideas upon Gods law. He asserted that God wanted the rich to share their belongings with the poor and all the debts were also to be canceled in order to reduce burden in life. I think he alluded this from the bible stories of the rich people that Jesus asked to share their riches with the poor. The assertion raised several critiques from commentators and some columnist, but eventually gave him a strong support and popularity from his homeland.

9. What did Long predict would be the consequences if the nation failed to adopt a program such as his?

Long predicted that the inequality between the rich and the poor would result in miseries which would multiply and bring the American system of respect and culture into wreckage. He also said the rich would have so much and the poor will continue to suffer day by day. He therefore urged the system of sharing wealth to be upheld for prevention of such predicaments.

10. In his speech of September 11, Bush states that the U.S. was attacked "because we're the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world." Do you agree with this assessment? Why or why not?

I am in agreement with the statement that America is the brightest beacon of freedom and opportunity in the world. This is because America has champion women rights, the right to education, the right to health, the freedom of religion and the freedom of association among others. Other countries even though are making attempts to achieve the rights mentioned above; they have not done it substantially. America is the leading democratic country with strong economic influence in the business world. America political and legal system is the strongest in the whole world. It is because of all the reasons I mention above that persuades me to believe America as the paradise of freedom and opportunity.

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