Research Paper Topic Ideas on the Holocaust

Research Paper Topic Ideas on the Holocaust

If you look at mankind's history, you will see that it is full of great and terrible events. Even though students who have chosen History as their specialty study them more meticulously, some professors believe everyone should know about crucial historical moments. Hence, they provide their learners with assignments beyond their curriculum. Thus, for instance, a student who studies English may face a need to work on research paper topic ideas on the Holocaust. The latter represents one of the most awful and terrifying events that ever happened to people. Modern generations must go deep down the question now to avoid repetition in the future. It can be challenging to work on such a subject and properly answer holocaust essay questions, but if you want to get a high grade and improve your academic performance, you should meet this challenge.

Tips on How to Write an Essay About Holocaust

Before you start working on your research paper, it is worth taking your time to reflect on what you want to do. The Holocaust is an extremely broad and multi-faceted theme by itself, so you should narrow it down dramatically. In principle, if you are new to it, it will not be superfluous to do background research to understand what aspects you would like to highlight and discuss in your paper.

Stay Focused

You can come across a wide range of Holocaust argumentative essay topics on the internet that will involve some specific concentration camps, the genocide itself, mass-killing methods, etc. Nonetheless, although each may seem interesting and essay-worthy, you should not intertwine the themes but stay focused on one of them. Otherwise, your paper will look shallow, and it will be hard to reveal the essence of the subject and back up your thesis statement properly.

Pick the Right Style and Format

Your writing style is no less important than the content of your paper. If your professor has provided you with the freedom of choice to select the writing style, you can create your paper in the first person on behalf of a victim or an aggressor. However, it is better to sort things out beforehand if your teacher hasn't specified this moment because an academic writing style doesn't suggest utilizing the first person in most cases. The same goes for your research paper format.

Concentration Camps Research Paper

Topics About the Holocaust

Working on such a subject can be challenging from different perspectives, and it is important to choose a theme that resonates with you in some ways. You should get interested in it to be ready to spend time on proper research and examine a huge number of sources. Thus, if a teacher hasn't asked you to write, for example, a concentration camps research paper, you are free to choose a topic that looks more appealing. You can use the below-mentioned themes as inspiration if they don't suit you the way they are:

  1. Has humanity learned anything from the Holocaust?
  2. Why is it important to discuss atrocities that happened at concentration camps with young people?
  3. Was the Holocaust planned initially?
  4. Was there any difference between German Jewish and others?
  5. Can the Holocaust happen again?
  6. Anti-Semitism: the origins and root causes of this ideology.
  7. Key differences between the Jewish and Black Holocausts.
  8. Experiments performed during the Holocaust.
  9. Weak and strong sides of the Holocaust film "The Pianist."
  10. Double standard: Jewish soldiers among Nazis.
  11. Main things that helped stop the Holocaust.
  12. The tragic development of the Holocaust.
  13. Why did Anneliese-Marie Frank become the most famous Jewish girl?
  14. The role of a yellow star mark on Jews' clothes.
  15. How did the Holocaust influence world literature?

How to Work on a Holocaust Research Project Effectively

When you decide on the topic you want to reveal in your paper, you can do background research or ask your teacher for suggestions. If you want to deliver an A-grade-worthy essay, you should work on its structure. The below-mentioned tips may help you achieve the desired result:

  • reflect on essay prompts that you want to highlight in the first place and resort to preliminary research to understand what aspects you should cover;
  • clarify requirements for your research paper if your professor hasn't provided you with them;
  • create a strong introduction that involves an attention grabber and background info on the Holocaust and the issue you have chosen;
  • highlight the purpose of your paper and provide an outstanding thesis statement;
  • provide fundamental arguments in the body part of your essay, devoting a separate paragraph to a specific issue;
  • don't overdo it by providing details and general information. Otherwise, your paper may look clogged and messy;
  • write a transitional sentence at the end of each body paragraph to make your text go smoothly and look holistic;
  • back up each idea with evidence taken from credible sources, and don't forget to utilize quotation marks in the case of direct citation;
  • paraphrase your thesis statement in conclusion and involve a summary of the key arguments mentioned before;
  • don't overdo it with the length of your paragraphs and sentences. Otherwise, your readers may get confused and misunderstand some information;
  • remember about the importance of a well-crafted reference list that involves all the sources used in your paper;
  • avoid plagiarism. If you are not sure about the structure of your paper or have some doubts about certain moments, it is worth double-checking everything once again instead of 'borrowing' ready-made pieces of information;
  • allocate enough time to revise, edit and proofread your paper since mistakes can significantly reduce your grade.